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BADLAND: The Life of Clones Mod APK

Badland is a mix of scary games and challenging games, but actually the challenges in this game don't have too difficult challenges either.

Frogmind with its Badland game is able to give a different feel as well as beautiful at the same time. Present in the first week of April 2013, it seems that this game has the criteria needed to be the best game of the year. 

Badland game is like a combination of Flappy Bird game and Dungeon Nightmare game, because this game has a scary look but actually how to play it is not too scary, what is scary is the sound of this game and the walpaper of this game, let alone the characters.

In this Badland mod apk game you will play in a forest and act as one creature inhabiting the forest. Your job is to complete level after level while collecting as many clones as you can save. This game starts through a portal or entrance that will take you from one level to the next and ends through that portal as well.

Playing in a forest, you will act as one of the creatures inhabiting the forest. Well, your job is to complete level by level while collecting as many clones as you can save. The game starts through a portal that will take you from one level to the next and end through that portal as well.

The way to play Badland mod apk is quite simple. Tap anywhere to make the character you're playing fly. You can tap continuously or tap hold as a combination of controls. Since the objective of the game is to arrive at the final portal safely, proper foresight and control is needed to deal with a forest situation full of barrier objects.

Various power ups you can find in this game and it must be taken because with these power ups you can only complete the level. For example, the character can turn into bigger or smaller and it is useful to escape from a narrow hole or to push a large stone that can only be done with a large body.

What's interesting from here, as the body size changes, you also have to control with different styles because the weight of the character will change. When the body size is larger you have to tap more than a small body size which is in fact easier to control. Large body sizes also have a tendency to fall to the ground due to heavier weight.

Because of the nature of this game side scrolling, then the game will end if your character "misses" with the screen that continues to run to the left. In addition, if your character is destroyed by stones, iron gears or other objects, you will also die. But the taste of this game is provided checkpoints that are determined so you do not have to repeat it from the beginning.

If at the beginning we mentioned that one of the goals of this game is to collect as many clones as possible, you may be a little wondering how it was obtained. As we have mentioned, there will be power ups along the way and one of them is to clone yourself. But better control is also needed because it is obviously more difficult to control the number of characters.

Badland uses silhouette-shaped graphics, so that all characters and game fields appear black on top of a completely gorgeous colored background. Yes, the mysterious forest in Badland appears very beautiful, detailed as well as scary with various silhouettes that are sometimes terrible, according to the time at that time, ranging from morning, noon, afternoon, to night. This is supported by songs and ambient sounds that boast a gripping forest atmosphere, so the game feels like a terrible nightmare place.

One other interesting thing, this game will record all the traces you play in each level and you can watch the video to tell you where you should make corrections. The video you can record and you can share through Youtube and other media so that others can also see it.

As for the sound effect, we suggest you play this game using earphones so that the atmosphere of this beautiful forest will feel more alive.

Not finished here because in addition to the single player mode you can also play the multiplayer mode in the same device. The maximum number of these modes is 4 people only with 4 different tap sections for each player. So each player will have their own tap area with different character colors.

Broadly speaking, Badland is arguably a game that includes "hardcore," because it is one of the hardest games for mobile platforms. This is because everything on the screen is ready to kill your tiny creatures, including objects that fall from the ceiling, there is a rotating saw that suddenly appears, and so on. Although harcore, but Badland mod apk is highly recommended to try. Because, for sure, after playing this game for some time, you are guaranteed to feel affection for the cute furry black creatures and happy to see them managed to survive to arrive at the destination.
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Size: 146mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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