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Animus - Harbinger Unpacked Mod APK

Animus Harbinger Unpacked itself is an action genre game where the battle system itself will run in real-time. There will be 3D Virtual Joytsick where it contains various commands, such as light attack, heavy attack, dodge, heal, and some kind of berserk mode feature. This game is similiar and most of the time called as Dark Souls android because its depict the similiarity.

Dark Souls as a game that has successfully offered a challenging game while providing a new experience in the game world seems to make game developers inspired to create games that offer similar. This is evidenced by the release of the game dark solus which is the work of TENBIRDS which has the official title Animus Harbinger.

In this version, we will share and talk about Animus Harbinger Unpacked mod unlimited money. So not only that you already have the full version of the game, you would be also able to buy or upgrade anything freely, but if you want challenge, we have also include the unpacked original version below.

In terms of his own story as a knight who has a mission to make evil forces in the world. Like the Souls franchise, this game itself will present various enemies with massive sizes that will offer a challenge that can make your emotions explode. Because almost every enemy in this game seems designed to be frustrating.

Of course, this one game you must play because it will offer a Dark Souls android experience on your smartphone devices.

Animus Harbinger is an android action adventure game that is very inspired by the game made by studio From Software, namely Dark Souls. As you probably knew, Dark Souls difficulties are the same as this game. The way to play is similar, plus there is a touch of dark fantasy.

The only major difference between Harbinger and the game mentioned above is that it's based on its completely separate world. In this world, maps of regions are interconnected, but each part has a completely different mission and you must complete (without dying) in order to keep the resources that have been collected.

In terms of system control, you will know that useful points that can be taken here when fighting the enemy tend to dwell on the axe of the hero; The axe swung at a slightly oblique motion while avoiding blows. Armed with a little patience and enough focus, you'll know the best way to avoid routine enemy attacks. This is the key to survival.

Animus Harbinger is an interesting android game. Again, the game is heavily inspired by Dark Souls (which was a huge success on PCs and consoles) but still retains the gaming experience on the phone's touchscreen. In addition, the game divides the entire game into many small-sized missions, making the adaptation almost limitless for mobile games.

In comparison to the Stand Alone version, this series should be a little easier. Because there is no stamina meter, but do not be fooled, because this game is still difficult as its got the title Dark Souls android version. In addition, the gameplay has a similar mechanism. Then with an equally dark feel. A world where there are many monsters in it. And we who in the game are a Knight will fight with these monsters in every mission. It's a tough and brutal fight. Which is not as original as the average game with a similar genre. With observation and a strategy.

Animus Harbinger Unpacked mod apk has a gameplay that is almost similar to the Console game that is Dark Soul, in each stage you will be confronted with powerful monsters / enemies that must be defeated. You can set your own character equipment using weapons and armor. Each weapon has agility and agility in attack and also has the ability that allows the character to use the ultimate in each weapon.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

APK Size: 27mb
OBB Size: 662mb (Extracted: 673mb)

APK Original Size: 43mb

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.tenbirds.animus2c" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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