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WorldBox - Sandbox God Simulator Mod APK

WorldBox is a game which you can act as god in your world, you can decide how people and nature in your world be, to be honest, you almost can do anything with every option given, also with this worldbox mod apk all unlocked premium make your power is limitless!

WorldBox: Sandbox God Simulator takes players into a god with an empty planet. Since this game is a sandbox, the player as a god, is free to want to do anything to the planet, whether it is adding land, adding humans, spreading animals, or it can also mature the world. 

Have you ever thought of a game that simulates control of an entire planet? This simulation game is called WorldBox mod apk game. With this game, you can enjoy the real experience of building and destroying the world right from your Android device, bringing a unique simulated feel. In this game, you can control the camera with one finger, and the other finger can zoom in and out of the world map. WorldBox apk mod premium is a sandbox game that combines simulation genres within it. Because, through this game, players will be invited to become a God who makes a living system for all plants, animals and other organisms.

After you download WorldBox mod apk all unlocked, you first need to do the steps below to be able to unlock the WorldBox premium mod (check below for the tutorial). The game provides many amazing features, such as realistic animal sound effects, magic, various creatures, destructive objects, and more. Although the focus of this game is on natural events, of course you control it yourself.

There is no strategy needed to build your world, everyone is free to use as many resources as possible. In this game, the entire planet is under your own control, because you are the god of this game.

WorldBox mod apk all unlocked in-game controls are easy to use and have interesting customization features that let us design the world of our choice. Gameplay is creation and destruction, or we can say that uses the superpowers that every player will acquire at the beginning of the game to manage the entire world.

Not only that, we can the best feature of WorldBox mod apk all unlocked which is also unlock the premium feature which is save mode, with this feature, we can save the progress of our game, just use the save button to load it at any time. Despite playing old games, players can start new games without any restrictions.

Note: Please also consider to support the Developer by buying their Premium Pack (which contain much more new updates and items you can use)

What is also awesome from mod WorldBox premium mod unlocked is the ability of the elements in the game to become an ecosystem of life that runs naturally and autonomously. Carnivorous animals that are hungry will eat other animals, humans will set up villages, kingdoms, even war with each other. All of this can be seen in detail in this game.

The game in which the player becomes a god has its own satisfaction. Imagine, the fate of the living of mankind and other living beings on earth, is in your hands. You will be able to establish civilization, or destroy everything if you are an evil god. That's what Maxim Karpenko presented in his simulation game titled mod WorldBox: Sandbox God Simulator premium unlocked.

WorldBox mod apk is the best God and Sandbox simulation game for building or destroying civilizations. You can create civilizations such as villages and streets, create a goat, a wolf, a fairy, a dwarf and other creatures. You can also go to war with other villages or help them to survive, thrive and build a strong civilization. You can also play Sandbox mode, where you can decompose the ground with acid rain or even drop an atomic bomb.

Basically, this WorldBox mod apk all unlocked is actually a Simulator game, so there is no currency at all in it. Players are free to experiment using all kinds of tools provided, from terraforming tools to shape the world, human and animal tools to populate planets, to destruction tools for everything fun that can make the world apocalypse.

WorldBox: Sandbox God Simulator is really exciting as a sandbox god game. You can create life and see it grow to prosper, and if you are evil, you can also destroy it until it is destroyed with various destructive tools such as meteors, tornadoes, geysers, and so on. If you don't mind the pixel art graphics, download WorldBox mod apk, the Sandbox God Simulator is a must try game!
Link Download:

Size: 53mb

Note: for the Developer of WorldBox, if you want this to be removed, please do not send DMCA Report, instead contact us by sending us email ( and we will takedown the post immediately.

How to Unlock Premium:
1. Click on the "..." at the main menu.
2. Then click on the "Bear" icon.
3. After that, close the game and open it again, and then all Premium features unlocked.
Note: Please Support the Developer by buying their Premium Pack (which contain much more new updates and items you can use) 

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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