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Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial Mod Menu APK

Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial Mod Menu APK - Review

Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial is a classic roguelike side-scrolling action game. In the you will play as heroine Erza, the player takes off the veil of an adventure story. Since he was a child, Erza has earned the ability to sign with the Demons and be reborn. This ability allowed Erza to skate on thin ice, avoiding danger and exploring the unknown in the tower. And in this Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial mod menu apk, you will given menu setting to help you through the game.

Platformer game is one of the oldest types of video games that still exist today and is still popular. In this type of game, usually the gameplay presented is quite simple. Not infrequently, Platformer is also combined with adventure type. Most of these platformer games have side scrolling gameplay, with a 2-dimensional display. But as the gaming industry progresses, the look of platformer games is now evolving for the better, from just 2 dimensions, to 2.5D, which is what Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial mod apk type of graphics.

One note, this is a originally a premium game a.k.a paid. But don't worry with this Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial mod apk, you can enjoy roguelike side scrolling adventure games with the main character Erza who is not Erza Scarlett. You can even purchase the premium item inside the game as free with this Tower Hunter mod apk. The unique game is a 2.5-dimensional graphics style. It is not 2 dimensions but also not 3 dimensions. Still cool that is. But I like the same style of graphics. It's so cool as it looks. Continued gameplay has also been smooth and hard challenges that remind me of the same model games like Metroidvania that is.

Of the many types of game genres that have developed, side-scrolling is one of the oldest and most popular genres. The concept of this genre is basically simple, but fun and can be developed continuously with various innovations so that it remains interesting. Not inferior to other genres, nowadays many new side-scrolling games continue to appear. The upgrade system in this game is also quite unique because it uses a chip mechanism that will give you the freedom to make any skills and spells. 

Your Erza can be revived as a valuable item during the game. The stronger your character, the more artifacts and treasures you'll have. Erza mixes basic attacks with unique skills to create unique combos when fighting. Due to the odd contract, Erza always comes back to life even after he dies. She will be more powerful every time.

Erza's main task is to find mysterious towers, destroy mutant monsters, defeat the final boss and become the most talented hunter in the world. You'll see this huge, deadly and demonic tower scattered throughout the map at every level. Each level features series battles in many terrain areas.

It's easy to control the game. The control buttons are placed in the most convenient position on the screen. She is very agile with techniques such as jumping, running and dodging. She can attack accurately. The challenge is learning how to combine elements to create powerful combos. Erza can wield weapons in addition to the skills listed above. Each weapon is unique. Erza has a mysterious magic. This magic can be injected into her movements. It is necessary to fight by combining light and heavy methods. Then switch to defense and attack and finally combine magic and weapons to deal an unexpected blow to your opponent.

Actively creating surprises is the key to controlling the protagonist. Suddenly, from strong attack to light attack, suddenly from defense to attack, suddenly running, suddenly combining weapons and magic. They may also hold the key to victory in battle.

The action sequences in Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial mod apk also appear magnificently. Even when playing with an mid-screen phone, its clarity and clarity are enough to make your soul fully immersed in the experience. The movement of the character is very good. When combined with technology, aggressive movements using large weapons will cause bright and unpredictable explosions on the screen. The sound is somewhat good as the graphics. But the overall impression is very good. It has a moderate, reasonable and acceptable effect. The sound quality is excellent.
-Free Purchase Paid Set (Gift Icon Above Movement Stick)
-God Mode (On/Off)
-High Damage (On/Off)
Link Download:

Size: 411mb

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