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Happy Wheels Mod APK

Happy Wheels Mod APK - Review

Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform android game that was popular among Youtuber. Games that have an appeal in the gameplay and Ragdoll section is funny. Maybe for some people this game makes them uncomfortable because of the many violent scenes when passing through various obstacles or obstacles. You have to pass through nailed walls, harpoons, minefields, swords, killer drones, and more. In this Happy Wheels mod apk, all of the levels and characters already unlocked so you can explore the game freely as you wish.

There are 6 unique characters with each vehicle. Each character has 15 levels that you can conquer. This game entertains us in a strange way. With violence and splashes of blood when our character is hurt.

Happy Wheels mod apk is a classic popular game where, with characters on top of different types of vehicles, we have to go through various levels. However, the most interesting thing about this game is seeing how the ragdoll physics that the game uses makes the death of our characters fun. 

You can continue the game as long as you are still on top of the vehicle. Even if your hand breaks. Actually you can still move your character by using a special button that will appear if you are detached from your vehicle and your body is still intact.

Each level is designed with a series of death traps that you must maneuver skillfully. The controls are the same for each character, but each vehicle has a unique physics that adds an extra layer of difficulty to deal with. However, as we mentioned in the introduction, the best part of the game is the terrible death you can make through these unfortunate characters.

So, dare to die in Happy Wheels mod apk and laugh at the crazy physics of this game. Mind you, keep in mind that some death scenes can be very explicit. If things are too terrible for your sensitivity, you can disable the effects of blood particles in the settings. It won't prevent your character from being destroyed with their limbs flying in all directions, but there's at least a little blood involved.

The game controls are pretty good. There is a forward or backward button. Roll front or later. There are also buttons to move our character with its unique ragdoll physics and there are several special buttons for each character.

Happy Wheels apk is a strange game, and looks sadistic but very exciting to play. You'll often see your character run out of blood, lose limbs, and die in strange ways. Although it sounds too sadistic, but this game is not that bad because the picture looks funny.

Happy Wheels android itself had become a game that was often played by YouTubers in his time because it was quite hilarious and fun. This game is suitable for just filling the time. Although ourself think we a bit used to violent scenes filled with blood but the sound effects in the game can still bother us. So, maybe this game is not suitable for those of you who are easily disgusted. Apart from gore's scene, the game is very entertaining because of its Ragdoll.
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Size: 28mb

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