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Dawn Break -Night Witch- Mod Menu APK

Dawn Break -Night Witch- Mod Menu APK - Review

Dawn Break Night Witch mod apk is an offline action RPG game. Dawn Break takes you into the most colorful and exciting battles, degna third-person viewpoints. Your job is to control the character to the place where monsters destroy the kingdom. There are three heroes with various roles: Grace, Kotetsu, Maru.

Mobile games are indeed growing, because there are so many new games that present very good gameplay and graphics. One of the games that from the past until now there are still many who play is an RPG game. If you are a lover of RPG games, we recommend playing this one of the Dawn Break apk series which is the game Dawn Break Night Witch mod apk.

Another from the Dawn Break series that is titled Break Dawn Night Witch mod apk. We don't know if you can feel anything, but certainly everything in this series is almost the same as Dawn Break that I shared before. Starting from the graphics to the control system. But that's not a negative thing. Because the graphics and features are already very good in our opinion. 

It is quite awesome that this game can be played without an internet connection at all. And there is one unique feature of this Night Witch apk series. That is, when we stroke the head of the character's companion fairy then we will be given some items by him, maybe this is a daily bonus given in a unique way. Just her head of course. Not anything else. In the previous appeal, it looks like it's more fans service.

This game starts from a swarm of monstrous monsters that attack one of the magic kingdoms. The monster has an evil plan to take control of the kingdom and kill all the humans in the magic kingdom. Therefore, the magic kingdom needed a hero to save the kingdom.

Your job is to control the hero to defeat the evil monsters that destroyed the kingdom. Each hero character has its own strengths and storylines. In addition, this game provides a custom menu and new skills for each hero used. Once you have successfully completed the mission at a certain level, you will get a reward that can be used to upgrade the character and also get more coins.

In the game Dawn Break Night Witch mod apk there are 100 more levels  starting from the easiest to the most difficult you will meet and must be conquered. To make it easier for you to control the game, the developer deliberately provides a virtual analog button that is easy to use.

One thing that is very interesting and very different from the previous series is the different characters. This time two women and one man. The weapons of the 2 female characters are also different. An Orc princess named Marle is armed with claws, because of her cat-like appearance, as well as a beautiful witch named Grace with her hovering skull weapon.

The same is just a male character named Kotetsu. He is armed with Katana and moves like a samurai but has a combo movement that is different from the katana holder from the previous series, who somehow forgot his name. Fans of TPS Action hack n slash games should try the game. This game has very good graphics. Of course, this can make us feel at home for a long time and not easily bored by playing Dawn Break Night Witch mod apk.
-One Hit (On/Off)
-God Mode (On/Off)
-Fast Kill
Link Download:

APK Size: 47mb
OBB Size: 442mb (Extracted: 512mb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

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