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Circle: Game RTS Android Shooter by ELgame APK

Circle: Game RTS Android Shooter by ELgame APK - Review

Circle that is still in early development as this review posted is an RTS game that also come with FPS Shooter gameplay like Critical Ops, but you will do war in an outer planet setting. So while you are building base and "kingdom", you can also do a quest in FPS 3D style. This game had a unique concept and have potential to be a great game, so you need to check out this game.

For those of you who like to play strategy-themed games must be familiar with RTS games. RTS game or which stands for Real-Time Strategy is a game that requires players to strategize the best while attacking enemies. This kind of game not only relies on dexterity, but also the speed of the player in controlling the game. RTS stands for Real Time Strategy, so we can already describe if this game falls into the category of online and offline android strategy games.

The online or offline android RTS game must also be played with others as an opponent, there are many types of best Android RTS games such as offline kingdom strategy android games, free android war games, it is up to you to play which one. Whether it's a game set against historical events, space exploration, or a game that asks you to root out all your opponents — there are a lot of game titles that fall into this type. This Circle that made by ELgame is an online alien war RTS game that can be played on you android devices.

One of the games that many mobile gamers play is the RTS genre, Real-Time Strategy. Whether it's a game on mobile or PC. Moreover, RTS games become a type of tactical and interesting strategy fighting game.

This game genre had dimmed a few years ago, but now this genre is starting to live again with more and more challenging game choices. There are many RTS games that we can download for free at playstore. However, not all RTS games are of good quality.

In this game you can also enjoy RTS game styles such as building countries, expanding territory, adding resources, organizing soldiers and others. The game map is also quite extensive and you can play anytime and anywhere as long you have internet connection.

RTS (Real Time Strategy) game is a branch or fraction of the strategy genre game that is favored by many game lovers. Although RTS games offer excitement in strategizing, but its popularity began to dim with the emergence of other game genres. However, that does not mean RTS games are completely abandoned by gamers. Thats why, Circle made the RTS game great again, because in this Circle apk, you not only dragging and clicking, but you will be able to enter 3D world where you will act as the commander soldier to eliminate your enemies in FPS android style.

One of the games that are much in demand by android smartphone users is one of them is fps genre games, and most of them are looking for the best android FPS games. Where this game offers you various types of shooter or war games that use very cool and sophisticated weapons. Because with this game, it's as if you're playing a part in the game. First-Person Shooter or FPS is one of the popular genres that used to only be enjoyed on platforms such as PCs and consoles such as Critical Ops. Now, with the sophistication of technology, especially on devices such as smartphones, FPS was once an exclusive genre for certain platforms, so it can be played on mobile platforms that are now getting serious in the video game industry.

In addition, this game can move units to control an important area, attack and destroy enemy units, can build various buildings for defense and form troops. Throughout the game, you can continue to create and control many units, and many other fun things.
-HD Graphics
-Mix Gameplay of RTS (Real Time Strategy) and TPS (Third Person Shooter)
Link Download:

Size: 523mb

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