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BiBi World Mod - Offline Game Like Fall Guys Android APK

Bibi World is a game similar to Fall Guys for android. Here, you run at full speed with exciting figures. Just like other mediatonic games, you have to be agile if you want to qualify for each event and win the top prize.

Fall Guys itself is one of the battle royal games launched for Microsoft Windows devices and PlayStation 4 consoles. This multiplayer game can be obtained through Steam access. Running to the finish line while passing obstacles while pushing other players. That's roughly the main mission of one of the most popular casual games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, or shorter as Fall Guys.

In each game that you play, the player will be put in a round with a different arena. However, the main quest or task remains the same, which is to run to the finish line while going through the challenges that exist by jumping, pushing, and others. But in BiBi World mod apk, you will have other several games such as Kart Racing,, and so much more!

However, if you want to experience playing Fall Guys android games but do not have a laptop or computer, you can still play games that are almost like the Fall Guys game on your Android phone. The sensation offered is not much different from you playing the original Fall Guys game. This game that similiar to Fall Guys android is called BiBi World offline.

BiBi World mod apk has 3D scenarios that are completely crowded with obstacles. Tap the virtual D-pad to move, while to jump or run press the action button on the right. Before starting each test, it will be announced the number of players who will advance to the next round. Maybe no one thought that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout became very popular. Because, the game contains many unique games is an indie release that makes a bluff. But, this is where the power arises because the game provided is able to challenge its players despite being wrapped in childish and colorful nuances.

Well, for those of you who may not have access to PS4 or PC via Steam to play this game, there are many exciting alternatives that you can try. On the Android platform, for example, BiBi World mod apk that is the alternative of Fall Guys android which you can try.

From the main menu, you can access a room that allows you to customize the appearance of your character, from head to toe, including clothes. When playing, you will collect points that can be used to unlock additional accessories to make your character more unique. But you don't need to worry, because in this BiBi World mod apk, all of the skins and hats/accessories already unlocked and can used anytime you want. What's more, each test varies enough that the game doesn't feel bland. 

Bibi World is one of the best Fall Guys apk clones for Android. Avoid countless obstacles while trying as soon as possible to get to the finish line to qualify for the next challenge, all of which take place in detailed 3D scenarios that are guaranteed to pump your blood.
-All Unlocked (Skins & Hats)
Link Download:

Size: 142mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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