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Ultimate Fox Simulator 2 Mod Menu APK

Ultimate Fox Simulator 2 will follow the life of most realistic fox in the sequel to the most popular animal simulator of all time! Explore a huge world full of prey and predators at every turn. You can meet other foxes and live together, raise families, hunt for food, and become the world's strongest foxes.

It's really good game for those who love animal simulator game. Moreover, the graphics are so Awesome! You could have never seen anything better! It might be a little bit laggy but overall it's so good! You can named your own fox and if you love foxes, then this game is for you! Because the foxes are so Adorable. You will really love this game!

You can have many number of foxes in your pack! But you should find friendly foxes and give them a challenge to recruit them to your team! Play your new fox to help them level up and improve relationships with other foxes friends and family members! Talking about relationship, you can build a deeper bond with your fox through a new system of relationships and personalities. Your team will recognizes heroic and caring actions that will change the relationship. You can get bonuses or buff from foxes that hunt together!

The forest has never been more amazing then before! You can explore and hunt to keep your fox thirsty and hunger status in the most detailed world ever created! The world around you will change the new seasonal cycle system. There will be snow piled up, or the ground sparkled as it was wet as the river raged, and the foliage turned to bright orange and yellow in autumn! Eventhough the game has eliminated procedural flora, but they instead put every strand of grass and tree in the world, bringing the world a more detailed world for you to do your adventure with your fox!

Not only foxes, you could discover all the new wildlife in the forest and seize the farm! Improved and enhanced AI also the animation combined with a species-specific action tree will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Browse animals like Deer, Wolf, Chicken, Cow, Ram, Pig, Lynx, Sheep, Eagle, Crow, Wild Boar, Moose Deer, Raccoon, and of course the main theme, Foxes! Ultimate Fox Simulator 2 also brings a complete overhaul to the boss fight! Experience close cinematic bosses battling giant jungle kings with entirely new mechanics!
-God Mode (On/Off)
-Unlimited Stat Points (On/Off)
-Unlimited Skill Points (On/Off)
-Disable needs (hunger, thirst, etc) (On/Off)
Link Download:

Size: 95mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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