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Traffic Rider Mod APK

Traffic Rider is a simulation motorcycle game. This game invites us to speed on the streets and avoid the cars we drive. There are several game options here. Play mission after mission (career), speeding without limits (endless), with a time limit (time trial), or free ride (free ride). And by using this Traffic Rider mod apk, you can unlock all the features such as the motorcycles, the gloves, the maps, and many more freely with the unlimited money.

Traffic Rider game itself more or less runs like an endless runner game, where your goal is to score as much as possible while avoiding passing four-wheeled vehicles. Here you can even do front wheel lift attractions to increase your score. Well, but be careful, because if you do this maneuver at the wrong time then it ends up your driving attraction.

The main game is to undergo a mission aka career. Other categories will open as the game progresses. In addition to career, in other categories there is also a choice of location, time, etc. that will also be open according to the mission we complete.

Traffic Rider Mod apk has a control system that is common in other automotive games. This control system can also be arranged according to our habits. So if you are used to playing other racing games, for example, you will not be surprised again by how to control the motor in this game.

What is praiseworthy from this side of control is the sensation of taste that – quite surprisingly – looks like the original. Each bike has different capability specifications, and is reflected when driving. For example, riding a moge will feel more stable than riding a trail bike. As a motor simulation game, Traffic Rider is arguably successful. So, two thumbs up.

Traffic Rider mod apk is a modified version which will allow you to acquire unlimited money in the start of the game, all premium features can be activated directly when you use the mod version. Actually, the gameplay of the traffic rider developed by Soner Kara with mod versions is not much different. Games from each version can be played without internet quota.

It's just that, Traffic Rider mod apk is more supportive of each player to activate all premium features. Unlike the original version where every premium feature is still locked. In addition to complete with premium features, you are also free to use the type of motor vehicle you want to use in wild races if you choose a modified version.

This game has good gameplay and graphics, in the gameplay of the game there are several features that can be used such as there are buttons to set the gas and brakes, there are also horns and nos or additional power, when playing the player will also know the speed and target of the mission being played. In this game has 42 missions that can be played and there are 31 kinds of motorcycles to choose from, but we have to collect money first to get a motorcycle because each bike has a different price. And what is interesting is that the bike can do wheelie or jumping when it has missed several levels. 

In the game menu there is a menu menu that can be used such as settings, more games, google play, and garage. In the garage menu players can choose the desired motor and there are features to modify the motor such as adding power, changing colors, adding stickers and choosing gloves. Notification of the level of the game, and know the money or coins we already have. This game has several game modes, namely, career mode, endless, time trial, and free ride. In career mode. When the gameplay of the game takes place there is an interesting effect that is when the player hits the car then my appearance has a red color effect.

Traffic Rider can be set the location of the game, there are four seasons that can be played, namely ordinary roads, deserts, cities and snow. The time used can also be selected, namely morning, afternoon or evening. 
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 125mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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