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The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter Mod APK

Well on this occasion we will share a very good game and also a lot played by all ages, namely the game called The Lost Lands: Dinosaur Hunter. This is one of the most interesting simulator games of other dinosaur games, well in this game you have to investigate the most secret object in the world called "The Lost Lands", where you will later meet a variety of living dinosaurs that have gone extinct hundreds of millions of years ago. Therefore, if you see dinosaurs in the form of tirex and so on you have to shoot them, for the sake of mutual security.

Free hunting mode is a true masterpiece of realistic dinosaur hunting and here's why. Most of the time it is completely destroyed. In this game, 95% of the creatures that can be killed can end you without even thinking about it.

The free hunt takes place in one of two weather conditions: an eeriely calm fog or a foggy thunderstorm. Obviously, both of these settings are not ideal for being predator-hunting prey, but to make matters worse... Velocylaptor. So you are wet, weak and vulnerable. You suddenly walked around in the fog to make it feel like an eternity of something whipping up. You can run and try to cover your back, but you don't know how long it may be going unnoticed or how many people are out there. Fit the scope to make it more visible. Velocylaptor. Shoot in line. The camera follows the path of a bullet grazing the monster's leg and disappears. "Maybe that killed him. But haven't you heard the pathetic 40 bucks deposited into your Soulless Monster Hunter account? No, you didn't. And now you are dead. The velocilabter will sneak up behind your back and kill you in the time it takes for you to load your weapon. Weapons are also not aimed automatically. This just like in real life.

Basic gameplay is the norm in the genre. Walking, aiming, shooting and killing. There are two modes of free hunting and poaching options on lost land, both of which offer different rewards for their efforts to create prehistoric genocide. Free hunting mode is close to a tutorial where you can learn the mechanics of the game. This mode provides a vast space to make small amounts of money for endangered efforts, which can eventually be used to upgrade weapons and equipment. Poaching mode focuses on slaughter for certain species and offers slightly higher bounties, but targets much tougher animals.

I am sure some of you will complete all missions and continue to be brave and decorated dinosaur lords. Because this is prehistoric and there is no in between. But to be honest, the game is beautifully done and filled with the scary jumping horrors that kids love these days. It's not a game for Glu Games sadists who love to watch them dying. The Lost Land - Dinosaur Hunter is a killing or killing practice and dinosaurs won't give you a choice.
-Unlimited Ammo
Link Download:

APK Size: 46mb
OBB Size: 496mb (Extracted: 504mb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.agaming.thelostlands" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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