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The Last Of Us Mobile by JEVO Games APK

This time, android devices got an exclusive game that is arguably one of the best games in console and also one of the best games released in 2013. The game is none other than The Last of Us. Yes, thanks to JEVO Games, they succesfully make a fangame The Last of Us Mobile apk for android. 

This survival horror game was first released for PS3 in June 2013. But The Last of Us android version was made recently. In this game you will play a smuggler named Joel who is assigned to accompany a teenage girl named Ellie in wading through the post-apocalypse world in the United States. In this game you will be faced with humans and cannibal creatures attacked by the mutated fungus Cordysep.

The story of The Last of Us apk at first glance seems boring. A story with a post-apocalypse setting, many humans become zombies (well technically they are controlled by fungi anyway), the relationship between adults and children is still innocent. 

But once you follow Joel and Ellie's adventures yourself, all the pessimistic feelings that are on your mind will disappear. Just the first 10 minutes in the game alone, The Last of Us Mobile has managed to deliver an incredible emotional scene. During playing this game, it is guaranteed that you will often be agape, dumbfounded, amazed, and maybe a little depressed.

In the game The Last of Us Mobile apk, we are not only brought to a tense experience against the zombies but we are also presented with a drama between Joel who is like a father to an ellie. Not only that in some missions, the enemy that we have to face is not only zombies but also humans.

Although The Last of Us android game has been made a sequel version called the The Last of Us 2 which is also available for android, you can check The Last of Us Part II Mobile Apk via the given link. For those who do not have the console then you can try playing Yhe Last of Us Android apk that is here as a replacement for those of you who like to really with zombie-smelling games. Although the story in The Last of Us Mobile is not complete in the console version.

This good story is also supported by good acting from the cast. The voice actors of The Last of Us not only contribute their voices, but also donate their bodies to the motion capture of the characters' movements in the game. The main point of The Last of Us mobile is the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Along their journey, you will see the development of the relationship between the two who initially arguably hated each other, until it turned into very close like father and son. The couple's relationship with other people they met on the trip was also very interesting. Every character that appears, even if it only appears for a short time, is beautifully written and as if they are real human beings, with all the emotions and pasts they carry.

In The Last of Us Android apk you will control Joel, a middle-aged man who since the spread of a mushroom outbreak that attacks humans, survives by working as a smuggler. The situation becomes even more complicated when Joel is burdened with a job to deliver a young girl named Ellie across America.

If you are a gamer who is happy with a good story, skipping The Last of Us Mobile apk is definitely unforgivable. You can also invite your acquaintances to play (or watch) together, even if they are not gamers. Because the story in The Last of Us apk is guaranteed to be suitable for various types of people, young and old.
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Link Download:

Size: 549mb

Credit: JEVO Games

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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