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Survival Squad - PUBG Offline Mod APK

Survival Squad: Commando Mission is a game battle royale offline with a playstyle such as PUBG offline apk or Free Fire game. The story is the same, where many players are stranded on an island full of weapons but only the last person can survive and be declared victorious.

This game is said to be very similar to PUBG Mobile, seen from walls, weapons, sounds and others, quite similar to popular game PUBG Mobile. The difference is, this game battle royale offline, so you doesnt need any internet connection in order to play this game. In terms of maps, Survival Squad also has similarities with erangel maps in PUBG Mobile. 

Survival Squad is a game Battle Royale offline with for Android or iOs Platforms, developed by Shenzen Bingchuan Network Co. In this game, there are as many as 20 players who will be parachuted into a remote island, to survive the attacks of other players. And since Survival Squad is offline, you can aswell called this game as PUBG Offline apk version.

PUBG became one of the battle royale games that are quite popular on mobile until now. Despite the many PUBG-like games released on mobile platforms, PUBG remains the king of battle royale games on the platform. However, one of the most common obstacles found from the game is the lag given due to unstable connections, so players can not enjoy the game is very beautiful to the maximum. Given this, for those of you who want to play PUBG games but do not have a stable internet connection, you can play this apk mod PUBG offline which titled Survival Squad: Commando Mission. Therefore you will experience the survival inside of game battle royale offline.

The beginning of the game's story is the same as other battle royale games. All players start from inside the plane and will be given a pity to be able to jump from the plane. Next they will be allowed to choose the place they want to go. This apk mod PUBG Offline (Survival Squad) is having a gameplay that close to the game. The difference its just a few.

On the island, you can get (Looting) a variety of weapons (SMG, Assault Riffle, Sniper Riffle, Pistol, Shotgun, Bomb, Smoke Bomb, and Flashbang), Attachment (Scope, Foregrip, Extended, Muzzle, and Stock). Vest Armor (Levels 1,2, and 3), Helmet (Levels 1,2, and 3), and first aid (Medkit, Energy Drink, Bandage, and Paintkiller). Weapons and various equipment above, you must get in order to survive from other players, in order to be able to become the only players who survive.

You can also choose 2 kinds of characters, namely Men or Women, and also get a variety of hats, masks, clothes, pants, shoes, bags, and parachutes, by buying create boxes contained in the shop. But by using this Survival Squad mod apk, you would able to shop and buy anything freely, this Survival Squad mod apk PUBG offline that really looks like and have a vibe of PUBG will make your heart thrilling while trying to survive from another player (since this game battle royale offline, you will play agaisnt bots/AI player)

When you're ready to jump up and start running to collect weapons. But other players are not the only threat, there is also a terrain named "Safe Zone" that will continue to shrink. The players are required to avoid the zone, because if not, then the zone will continue to eat away at the blood of the players. In addition there is also another threat named the "Red Zone", where the players will be bombed in the area. 

Not only can it be played without an internet connection, the games below are also quite light and the gameplay same as PUBG offline (which is a game battle royale offline version). So for those of you whose android specs are not too high, you can try playing Survival Squad that looks like PUBG Offline apk.
-Unlimited Money (Exit the game & then enter again to activate)
-Offline Mode
Link Download:

Size: 375mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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