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Pixel Cup Soccer 16 APK

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 APK - Review

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a casual football game, where players don't have to mess around with the many serious rules that generally exist in actual football sports. Pixel Cup Soccer is a football game for Android in a retro or classic style, where character images in the form of pixels and music in the game like the characteristics of old games. This game has 3 game modes namely Friendly match, Competition and Penalty Kick, quite complete for football games.

There are also many of the same game modes, which are found in other football sports games. What's so great about these different style options in Pixel Cup Soccer 16? The answer is in competition mode. In this mode, players can again choose what competitions they will play, let's call it: Copa America Centenario 2016 in America, European Cup 2016 in France, World Cup, Pixel League, Pixel Tournament, and not miss the Women's World Cup.

Still not satisfied with the various modes above? Afraid of getting bored with the mode that hasn't changed much from other football games? Don't worry, there are other things that might impress you. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 offers a number of other customizations that players can set to their liking. The scope of such customizations include: the difficulty level of the game, customization of team uniforms, the length of time of the game, the field where the game takes place, to the weather while playing.

From games like this you will feel the reality of playing a game. Not only about graphics, gameplay or control. But more to make you who play this feel and feel happy when playing it. Yes maybe this kind of game can be made an alltenative when saturated playing a "heavy" game. Simple games with simple elements and features. But there is no gregetnya alias not very easy. At least there is not much effort to win the competition.

Pixel Cup Soccer is a pixel game, this game has a complete feature. There are 3 basic modes in this game, namely friendly matches, competitions, and penalty kicks. For those who want to play the cup, you can choose the competition mode. I wrote it down in the thought of nothing. Then for control, there are virtual analog and 2 X and O buttons. This is necessary yet a simple and visual football game that sometimes make it looks fun. 

So, instead of having four action buttons like in other ball games, on Pixel Cup Soccer 16, players will only be given two action buttons, namely the button to kick the ball, and the other button to seize the ball. But, behind the two buttons, it turns out there is special control. These special controls can be accessed by pressing and holding them. This control is useful for passing the ball long distances.

It's not just his control that's made simple. Some of the rules that exist in the actual sport of football are also eliminated. Various rules that are eliminated include free kicks, offside, and violations due to the occurrence of other player errors.
-32 More of Teams
-Pixel Cup Mode
-Different Stadium & Weather
-Retro-style Pixel Art 
Link Download:

Size: 78mb

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