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FTS NEXT 2022 Android by Rizky Ars APK

FTS NEXT 2022 Android by Rizky Ars APK - Review

The game name is FTS NEXT 2022 Android, a small-sized game, but equipped with hd version graphic design quality. Unmitigated, this FTS game a.k.a First Touch Soccer has been known for a long time thanks to the diversity of types of leagues that can be played. It's fantastic. For this edition of the FTS game that I shared is a modified version of Rizky Ars. There are many things that have changed from the previous version, ranging from logos, icons, to the background has been improved.

For those of you who are waiting for the latest updates from the FTS game. Well, on this occasion I will share the FTS Mod Next 2022 Edition where in this game players will be presented with a variety of interesting features such as FTS 2022 Mod special themes and backgrounds, club kits update 2021-2022.

Football game is the most played game by video game lovers all over the world. The top two games of course there are FIFA and PES which always compete fiercely in terms of gameplay and graphics development. Some players are even described as so realistic.

It is appropriate if both games are always an option to play either on PC, Play Station, or on smartphone. Especially on smartphones, there is one game that seems to be able to disturb both games above. That game is FTS 22 Mod Apk. While not as complete and as good as PES or FIFA, FTS 20 Mod Apk is more than enough to be playable on mobile devices such as iOS or Android. Because, this game presents exciting football match gameplay with many features and game modes.

Especially with the modifications made by the developer, this game is able to present HD graphics that will not make the player disappointed let alone bored. Installing this game on a smartphone with medium specifications is mandatory.

And not to be missed in this game has also updated winter transfers at clubs small and large. As for the league itself of course it is full of European competition with new updates of club promotion and relegation. There are many other features that you can enjoy, therefore for information about the features I have listed below. And for more information of the game you can check inside of the game. This FTS Next 2022 apk game has a small size of only around 300 MB and you can play offline. It's a shame if this cool game is just missed.

The updated stadiums have better designs, more neatly arranged billboards, greener grass and crowds presented during matches are amazing. All players from various clubs have been transferred according to the actual conditions If the player likes the trade, the player can access the shop menu and buy and sell players.

In addition to being able to form a team, players can also make a profit from the proceeds of player sales. The trick is to buy young players who look to have good prospects. After a few seasons, sell the player at a high price. The graphics is what is quite serious done by the developer in this version update. Although small in size and not as big as games like FIFA and PES, in fact HD images were successfully presented in the update in the FTS Next 2022 Mod Apk game this time.

For samrtphone owners with medium specifications, you should not force to play FIFA or PES games. Alternatively, the FTS Next 2022 Mod Apk game is more than enough. For information, this game can also be played offline without fear of data packets running out.
-New Background, BGM, Font
-Kits & Transfers Updated
-New Boots
-Real Grass
-New Adboards
-UEFA Champions League, Premier League, LA Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Major Leagues Soccer, Eredivisie, BRI Liga 1, etc
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

APK Size: 59mb
OBB Size: 146mb (Extracted: 159mb)
DATA Size: 109mb (Extracted: 112mb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "OBB" and "DATA" to "Storage/Android/here..."

Credit: Rizky Ars

See you next time and stay tuned!
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