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Ben 10 Hero Time (Updated) by Muskito APK

This is the updated version of Ben 10 - Hero Time APK that we have shared to you before. In this updates, there are much more aliens you can use with their own unique skills and abilities! The graphics is also improved and much better than before. You can also follow the story mode or just play in waves mode.

Ben 10 is the popular cartoon that made by Cartoon Network. The show was first show in 2008 and after that, the sequel come with title by Ben 10: Alien Force. The series follows the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a young boy who discovers an alien pod in the woods. The series has spawned a number of video games, which are available for consoles and android. Ben 10 Hero Time apk is a fangame made by Muskito. And same as the seriee, in this game you will play as Ben with his abilities to transform to various aliens with their own unique skills.

Ben 10 is most of people favorite cartoon because its always interesting to look forward to. The story of Ben Tennyson in the face of aliens invading Earth is very exciting. And in order to prevent Earth got destroyed, Ben have an abilities that can transform him into am alien through an Omnitrix watch. And these are some of the aliens you can use in Ben 10 Hero Time Android.

First is Heatblast, is the fire alien species Pyronite comes from the star-like planet, Pyros. It can fly in the fire. Second is Wildmutt alien animal species Vulpimancer comes from the planet Vulpin. Blind, don't have eyes n can't talk. But it has super sharp hearing and smell. Next, Diamondhead crystal, crystal petrosapien species originated from the planet Petropia. Hard body like a diamond. The attack was also a diamond.

XLR8 (Accelerate) Kineceleran species originates from the planet Kinet. Grey Matter galvan species comes from the planet Galvan Prime. Ben 10's most intelligent aliens. Dr. Azmuth, an alien who made omnitrix / unitrix used by Ben 10, and Albedo that makes ultimatrix, is this type of species. We also can play as Four Arms, a humanoid alien species Tetramand comes from the planet Khoros. Combat type battle is often nailed.

The next one is Stinkfly, the winged insect alien species Lepidopterran comes from the planet Lepidopterra. It can fly, it's a sticky liquid. The tail is also strong can be a weapon although it can not sting but can tear iron plates.
Ripjaws, an alien Humanoid Angler Fish species piscciss volann comes from the planet Piscciss. When it goes into the water, its legs turn into fish tails. It's like a mermaid. Upgrade, an alien Technological Humanoid species Galvanic Mechamorph from Galvan Prime's moon, Galvan B. An alien who if warping a machine or tool or something, something could be a High End technology or weapon.

Cannonbolt, an alien Pillbug species arburian pelarota originated from the planet Arburia (already destroyed). It could become a ball. Blitzwolfer (Benwolf), an alien Werewolf/Humanoid Canine species of Loboan from the moon in Anur Transyl, Luna Lobo, The main attack is Sonic Howling, similar to sound waves. This alien is similar to a werewolf. And that is are some of the aliens you can transform to in Ben 10 - Hero Time apk, they have their own unique abilities that are powerful if use in correct situation!
-Graphics Improved
-New Aliens Added
-Unique Abilities
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 286mb

Credit: Muskito

Ben 10 Hero Time by Muskito Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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