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Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush Mod APK

Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is a very unique low poly style game. The mechanics are simple and the graphics are great. In addition, the fact that you are served with its winter mountain animals and fast-paced sleigh rides ensures that this game is guaranteed not to let you down.

Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is an offline game that is suitable to be played at all ages, in this game you can play as animals such as Wolves, Deer, Tigers, Rabbits and many more, this lightweight game is suitable to be played to relieve boredom against other games that are heavy to reason.

Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is an arcade game in which you live the life of a friendly deer on a sledge. Your goal is to keep him safe as he glides down the mountain at full speed to the end of each circuit. You pass mountain sledges, past small villages, around snowy peaks, over frozen rivers and all kinds of winter landscapes. The operating system in Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is very simple. Tapping either side of your screen sends the reindeer in that direction. 

In Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush you will see that there are many different circuits with different levels of difficulty. As you complete each circuit, you'll unlock new content, such as new sledges and additional animal characters to play with. This one lightweight game is best played to eliminate boredom, because the gameplay offered is very simple, namely skating from the top of the iceberg and avoiding various obstacles, while collecting points. The points earned can be used to upgrade the skateboard and buy new characters.

The game graphics also look very good even though this game is classified as a light game. The view that looks like an iceberg is quite realistic and the lighting effect is quite good. This game is highly recommended for those of you who have android mobile devices that loved this kind of game.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 72mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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