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悲伤的战士 ™ Warrior of Sorrow Mega Mod APK

悲伤的战士 ™ Warrior of Sorrow is an offline action fighting android game thay have similarity to the popular game Dynasty Warriors Series.This game is styled musou or whose fighting is crowded. Unfortunately, there is no character customization feature in this game. So yes, when you are in the battle and meet other enemies, you will meet same. Although, the commander and the boss will different.

Same as the other musou games, this offline Dynasty Warrior-like game is famous from the past with simple gameplay but can make people addicted because the action in the game seems to make you the strongest universal person. You will fight agaisnt large number of enemies with many unique skills.

You will feel like the strongest person on the battlefield. The attack you unleash feels more agile than the enemy and it makes all the enemies in front of you seem powerless against your power. The attack you can performed by tapping the skill icons. The character in 悲伤的战士 ™ Warrior of Sorrow have his own Musou attacks that are quite entertaining to watch because every Musou is done in front of many enemies, the result is sure to make dozens of enemies thrown into the sky. Believe us, this is entertainment in itself.

There was also a new type of attack lets called it Rage. Rage is an attack that can be activated by attacking enemies and accumulate energy from them. How to use it? Easy enough, look over head icon. If there is an icon like a shining, it means you are stronger, and ready to unleash the skill.

By using this attack, you will create a wind-slash attack that blow up enemies around you so that they can be beaten at once. It's quite satisfying because you feel like you're rewarded with a new strength after successfully defeated many enemies.

In this game you will fight against a large number of enemy forces by bringing out various epic skills and combos to defeat them. Battle combat is packed with so epic and a selection of skills that are quite diverse make this game not boring.
-Unlimited Money (Increase When Spend)
-Damage Reduction
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 195mb

悲伤的战士 ™ Warrior of Sorrow Mega Mod Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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