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STARENA - Action Mecha Gladiator Mod APK

STARENA - Action Mecha Gladiator Mod APK - Review

Starena is a game with type boss rush arena RPG. You will play as a robot gladiator Mecha Reaper J3 to fight all kinds of other robots in the epic intergalactic arena tournament! You can customize your weapons, pick your fans who will support you, and also put on a great show performamce to win the heart of your audience!

Starena is take setting of place in a four-sided gladiator-style arena in the future or galactic place. Players are assigned a small mecca called J3, which they can upgrade to custom weapons as they win battles and build their reputation or base fan. The game has good features and a lot of very good things in this game. If you can take down a weapon from a boss, you can take it up and use it against him. Fans cheer and stadium announcers explain the action. Fans are J3's most important allies because they throw gold and items onto the pitch when something they love happens. Gold coins increase J3's attacking power and fans throw medical kits that can be picked up to restore health.

Defeating the opposing bosses is cannoy win easily. It was hard to beat all the bosses we fought after the tutorial battle. The game is controlled by some button used to speed forward to activate the weapon and perform a quick escape. Other button are used to perform additional functions, such as spacebars that perform jumps, and fan-backed kits.

The boss is very fast and the player controls are so clunky that just a few hits can knock me down again and again and again. After every game I collected a bunch of gold and tried again until I was frustrated and needed a break. Even with the Weaken feature on, which makes bosses easier, you still couldn't win the battle without trying multiple times.

This boss rush game from developer Darksun Studios is basically an action game with a bit of RPG elements to bring it to life. The elements allow players to customize their mecha by adding new skins and weapons as they become available. Boss-type enemies fight in all rounds that must pass through each round before the next round is unlocked. Then, if you want, you can go back and fight back against the losing opponent to practice or have a better time.
-Unlimited Money (Do not decrease when spend)
Link Download:

Size: 794mb

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