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Operation VIRUS Mod Full Version APK

Operation VIRUS is a shooter game where you will fight agaisnt virus monsters, assuming its Corona Virus or COVID-19. Operation VIRUS is an endless first-person shooter that can provide what viruses deserve when facing us. Blow up all the viruses in your sight!

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, a series of virus-themed games are sought after by smartphone users. Because the virus simulation game, can simulate the spread of viruses, bacteria or diseases, from the first day until it spreads throughout the world. Some people who like thriller-themed games, of course, will love Operation VIRUS.

Virus itself is pathogenic microorganisms that infect the cells of living things. The virus can be used as the most powerful weapon of mass destruction, as no trace is left behind and is particularly deadly.  There are several video games which raise viral themes and make them quite interesting games to play. These games want to provide a different experience, where usually the theme of this game is aimed at preventing the destruction of the world, fighting evil monsters, etc.

While Operation VIRUS is an unique first-person shooter game that continues to cause problems with the protagonist's head, featuring pretty fun humor and addictive gameplay. Meanwhile, participants will apply the latest developments designed to effectively fight giant viruses that are rampant throughout the planet. All that remains is to monitor overheating and accuracy on the target. Beautiful graphics, well-designed landscapes, and varying levels of difficulty will delight shooting fans and won't leave them long after saving the world.

Have you ever wanted to throw away a ridiculous amount of toilet paper in a huge virus that broke into your home? Now, this is your chance. Because in this game, the ammo you used is toilet paper.  Using multiple quantum mechanics weapon, the TP-Gun 1000 can generate an infinite number of Toilet Paper projectiles. Watch out for overheating blades! If the weapon is jammed, it drowns. If this happens, use the other strategies, run.

Or when things are going not good, use thrust strength, a secondary feature TP-Gun 1000. For a while, the resulting stationmaster will give you time to breathe and the virus is trying to infect you. To survive, you have to keep moving. Don't let your enemies surround you!
-Full Version
-AAA HD Graphics
Link Download:

APK Size: 54mb
OBB Size: 1.68gb (Extracted: 1.69gb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.Supernice.OperationVIRUS" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

Operation VIRUS Mod Full Version Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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