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Heroes Impact: Battle Arena APK

Heroes Impact: Battle Arena is an astonishing and exciting action RPG game with many heroes you can pick, skills, and adventures. You are a brave hero in an awesome fantasy game. You'll have to fight dangerous enemies in the arena, improve your fighting skills, and unlock new opportunities in this action offline MOBA games.

Play and enjoy yourself in the game world and take an incredible gameplay through the magical world. Gather all the heroes around the worlds and become legendary winners!

The graphics and texture in the Heroes Impact: Battle Arena are detailed and optimized, which will give you the best experience in the open world of the battle arena game. Endless and exciting battle gameplay are waiting for you in this great game. In this game you will feel the experience like actually playing MOBA with other players using the internet. The difference is, you will play with over three different heroes each team to play to make it feel like you are playing with other players.

One of the most sought after games by professional gamers is moba games. MOBA game is one of the games that are on the rise today, besides this game is also a fan even though this game a few years ago is less famous. But currently MOBA games are arguably the most booming games compared to other genre games. 

For this MOBA game can mostly play online, but not a few people who are looking for offline MOBA games that are similar to Mobile Legends or similar to DOTA. In addition, offline games have many advantages compared to online ones. Of course, in addition to the quota, of course, this offline game also has a spece that is friendly to small RAM.

Heroes Impact: Battle Arena is a MOBA-like game but in offline gameplay. Not only that, there are many heroes you can pick. The abilities of the heroes are also different and have their own uniqueness. We sure you won't get bored when you play this game.
-HD Graphics
Link Download:

Size: 90mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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