Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer - Offline Battle Royale APK is an Offline Battle Royale Game that has a setting in ancient dungeons, for the gameplay itself, you will throw a variety of weapons and avoid the throwing of enemy weapons, as the Battle Royale Game is certainly here you are led to become the last player to survive.

Mobile action survival game using Jump!
You will be able to shoot a variety of projectiles to win the Battle Royale arena. is a survival and action game played in ancient dungeons. Challenge yourself to a new brand games by acquiring and throwing also shooting a variety of weapons and clearing the stage quickly as possible! Enjoy jumping and avoiding attacks from the other players. Collect the orbs scattered around the field can get XP. You can get multiple projectiles whenever you level up.

If you like action games as well as battle royale, then will probably be an interesting choice for you to play. Unlike most similar games, this game takes place in an ancient dungeon. Later the player will fight by throwing various weapons. Players must also avoid enemy weapons in order to survive.

The basic concept is to pit several players who usually number a lot, into the arena until later will come out 1 winner. This type of match is useful for providing more entertainment to the audience due to its riotous nature, and also because the winner of the Battle Royale match will certainly look so strong that it is great to gain gold for the player. Battle royale game is a video game genre that blends the survival and exploration elements of the game with the last surviving person game mode. The battle royale game challenges many players, starting with makeshift equipment, then searching for weapons and armor and eliminating all opponents while avoiding getting stuck outside the shrinking "safezone", and the last to survive is winning the game. 

The fight can be won if it survives to be the last. Development in the character can be by choosing weapons, as well as choosing a number of skills at the time of character level increase.
-Ultra HD Graphics
-Simple & Unique Gameplay
Link Download:

APK Size: 39mb
OBB Size: 330mb 

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.coldblaze.battlecommandio" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..." - Offline Battle Royale Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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