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Attack On Titan - Armored Titan Battle BETA by BZR Studios APK

Attack On Titan Final Season have been recently out, and to celebrate that, BZR Studios released this fangame. This game is just a Demo which you can only play just to fight the Armored Titan by using Attack Titan. Do not forget to support them for the upcoming updates!

This game is alike the epiaode 1 of the AOT Final season, so lets first discuss in full the story of the anime Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 1 entitled Consideration. In Episode 1, Eren is shown being cornered against Reiner, Porco, and Marley's men. Levi was rescued. 

Eren who was previously framed by Pieck and Porco has turned into a titan. Elsewhere on Paradis Island, Magath commanders announce their arrival plan to kill the Founding Titan aka Eren.Unlike the titans he once was, Marley lowered hundreds of his soldiers by parachute to Paradis Island because Zeke had defected. There was also a large super weapon that lowered them.Meanwhile Jaw Titan looks blurred first and Eren is ordered by Yelena to get out of her titan form and run into hiding using the power of the Warhammer Titan. But Eren did not take Yelena's words and left the place.

Continuing in the previous fight, Eren managed to survive with his "hardening" and managed to land a crushing blow on reiner's Armored Titan face. Porco attempts to attack his back body, but Eren manages to use the Warhammer Titan's power by removing a spear through his back. Unfortunately with the power of the Jaw Titan, the spear was easily pushed aside by Porco and finally Eren was seen struggling against two titans at once.

But in the desperate moment, Eren took out his spears with a large number that made Porco and Reiner impaled and could not do anything. This was a golden opportunity for Yelena's troops to execute Reiner and Porco who couldn't move.

Eren goes straight towards Reiner who is the mastermind of the sudden ambush carried out by Marley's forces. Reiner had previously proposed to deliver a surprise attack on Paradis Island. So in this game, you will fought as Eren and battle with Reiner in titan form.
-Battle of Attack Titan vs Armored Titan
-Beta Test
Link Download:

Size: 99mb

Credit: BZR Studios

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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