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The Last Echo - Action RPG Offline APK

The Last Echo is a 3D action role-playing mobile game. In the game, players use the power of fairytale magic books to explore and fight a world full of dangers with the guidance of light spirit, you can acquire enemy skills and use their own fighting methods as your own skills. You will discover the truth of the story step by step, little by little.

There is a once quiet and peaceful manor that has faced an unprecedented crisis in recent days. The children of the manor mysteriously disappear one after another near the outer forest, and the little girl Clara travels alone to the mysterious forest to save her friends. Until she met a scarlet garden deep in the forest and picked up a strange fairytale magic book.

The gameplay itself is awesome and engaging, especially supported by good visuals. With the main character is a cute little girl. Seen from the clothes and books as his weapon, it seemed like Doi was a witch. Yups he uses books as his weapons. Swing it like a sword with interesting combos. It seemed like this main character could also turn into the enemy he had once been in his opponent. As part of his combo. Maybe there's a setting. And since he's a magician, it can certainly bring out spell magic as well dong. There's no doubt that the gameplay is interesting!

One of the things to think about is the languange. Because in this game, its still in Chinese languange. We not only have difficulty enjoying the story, but also confused with the menus in it. Moreover, this is an Action RPG game, where some things related to the menu are quite needed. For example, skill settings, character status or even the use and function of the items.

A little tips, normal attack would accumulate energy slot for the Ultimate, you can also change your monster skills anytime if you encounter some problems with the adventure. Use the best use of each skills!
-Unreal Engine 4 Graphics
-Immersive Gameplay
-Unique Battle Skills
Link Download:

Size: 757mb (Extracted: 1.62gb)

The Last Echo - Action RPG Offline Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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