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Taoist Blade (坤刃) Offline APK

Taoist Blade or 坤刃 (Kun Blade) is a cyberpunk-style horizontal side-scrolling action mobile game. You have to control the characters to advance through the streets full of punk style, and you will encounter many enemies and bosses in the process. Use flexible positioning to avoid enemy attacks, release cool skills, and play gorgeous operation combos, so that the enemy can eat defeat in your hands.

In the future world, the "mystery" will die out, and the monster creatures who depend on the "mystery" as a source of strength have also lost the ability to hide, so they appear in human society to seek means to survive. The game tells about the coexistence of humans and monsters in the future. In the world of cyberpunk, the escape journey caused by a kidnapping.

Taoist Blade or 坤刃 (Kun Blade) is full of cyberpunk style, national-style streets interspersed with old buildings and characters, and then there are lots of neon lights, the image is insanely cool and handsome. Super refreshing action attacks, smooth movements and punches to the meat. It allows players to play very refreshingly in the game. Classic horizontal version of the action to break the adventure, the horizontal version of the action gameplay allows players to recall their wonderful childhood, which adds to the classic gameplay experience.

There are many boss waiting for you to defeat. There will be exclusive boss and associated management samples in different levels. Understand the characteristics of different boss to attack the large knife. Fun combos are waiting for you to experience. The characters have multiple different abilities. Players can try to link different abilities together and use explosive power to indlict more explosive damage on the enemy.

Explore this mysterious world. There are many conspiracies in this world waiting for players to reveal the secrets. Don't forget to pay attention to all the clues around you as you move forward.

Taoist Blade or 坤刃 (Kun Blade) has beautiful cyberpunk graphics, refreshing and exciting action gameplay, classic and interesting horizontal action-adventure, control your character to explore this world and go on an adventure, and defeat all boss that appears before you!
-HD Graphics
-Immersive Battle 
Link Download:

Size: 1.03gb

Taoist Blade (坤刃) Offline Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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