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Sonic Suggests Mobile by 3DI70R APK

Sonic Suggests is a game which will bring Sanic (Sonic), Teils (Tails), and Nukleks (Knuckles). You will following their adventure in the mission of defeating Dr. Eggman. Sonic Suggests is a parody combined from the popular game franchise "Sonic The Hedgehog" and the popular poorly-drawn meme called "Sanic The Hotdog".

In this game you will play as Sanic, which is a deliberate typo of "Sonic," refers to a series of fan artwork and images and game modifications with a poorly drawn version of the video game character "Sonic the Hedgehog". Sanic is also often associated with another poorly illustration titled "Gotta Go Fast."

Sanic is from the Sonic The Hedgehog fan world. Sanic's main goal is to fight against the EEVUL Dr. Robotnik (PINGAS) and Dr. Eegman, who are actually two different characters that look exactly the same. However, they have the same goal: to turn a bunch of animals into robots and conquer the entire MLG planet. Luckily, Sanic has a lot of swag and feast so he can defeat her. Sanic also has friends who help him, such as his best friend Taels, the powerful no-scoper Nukleks and his or hulf heru helped vilun (antihero), whom Sanic wanted to go to Kell, but whom they came together but whom she figs, the super-edgy shadew AKA Shedew AKA Edgy Sanic A.K.A. I AM EDGY! He also has other proud friends, but these are the most important ones.

Sanic loves to go fast and drives fast all the time. Some people often see a wild Sanic running across the street shouting "GOTTA GO FAST M8". Sanic has been the self-proclaimed protector of fasting ever since. He loves fast while Dr. Eegman hates fast and loves to walk slowly , so the two immediately became mortal enemies. On the way of adventure, Sanic accidentally met Taels, who is obsessed with Sanic and thinks he is his Senpai, eww. He has also met Nucleks, who does not giggle.

Sanic was much faster than all of the living beings in planet, so he was sad for years. Then he left the planet as fast as he did in purpose search of something. He searched on countless planets, but nothing could go as fast as possible, so he returned to Earth and decided to become the god of the planet Earth. Sanic conquered the world but then introduced the world to Mountain Dew and Doritos, his favorite food and drink, and then Sanic realized that he had conquered only 0.1% of the actual planet, so he gave up and became a meme along with Teils and Nukleks.
-Sanic, Teils & Nukleks
-Dr. Eegman
-Cinematic Experience
Link Download:

Size: 85mb

Credit: 3DI70R

Sonic Suggests Mobile by 3DI70R Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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