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GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Mobile by GKD Gaming Studio APK

GTA Vice City Definitive android is an open world game released by Rockstar after the 10th anniversary of this game on the console. And recently, the remastered for GTA VC valled GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition have been released. And thanks to GKD Gaming Studio, you can experience GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Android in your smartphone. For sure this game is more real than the previous GTA games and you can master the city to the full and you can buy a more complete property property than the previous GTA game.

GTA Vice City is set in 1986 and tells the story of a villain named Tommy Vercetti. After 15 years in Liberty City prison, he was finally released and moved to Vice City to return to work under his old boss, Sonny Forelli. Sonny assigns Tommy to expand his territory, but unfortunately Tommy is framed and makes Sonny lose big. As a result, Tommy is sued by Sonny who wants his money back, while most of the residents of Vice City want Tommy dead. The only way for Tommy is to fight back to keep him alive.

Of all the Grand Theft Auto series ever released by Rockstar, Vice City must indeed be recognized as one of the best. In addition to offering a dazzling story and game setting, it is also the only GTA series that allows you to "master" the city in the truest sense. The ability to buy a variety of properties, organize, and benefit financially from it makes it an irreplaceable classic series, even by gta born after. Although the features might yet not full, but GTA VC Definitive Edition Apk made by GKD is surely promising.

In this game you can make characters from the characters that have been provided you can also cut hair, buy clothes such as pants and tops, make tattoos on the body, and can also buy other accessories on the character's body. In this game means what the tone of the missions that you will complete to earn money or open the city so that you can seize the power of the city. If you do not want to complete the mission of course you can explore the cities plus the mission or you can also use cheats that have been provided by Google for those of you who want to have weapons or money that is instantly or impossible because it is a cheat. But once more we need to say, that is only for the original game, since this GTA Vice City Definitive apk is only fanmade, the feature is limited. So hopefully they added more features soon!

Tommy Vircetti is the main character in this GTA Vice City Definitive Android game. He was a notorious mobster who took control of the city for some time. On top of his rule, the city became more brutal, there were crimes everywhere. Although people feel uneasy about all of it, but you can't do anything. The main character in GTA games always lifts people who have a criminal background.
-HD Graphics Settings
-3 Vehicle Added
-VC Definitive Edition Weapon System
-Full Maps
Link Download:

Size: 135mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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