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GTA SA Android Remake Unity - Definitive Edition Offline APK

GTA SA Android Remake Unity - Definitive Edition Offline APK - Review

GTA SA Android Remake Unity or you can also called it GTA SA Android Definitive Edition is a remake version of GTA San Andreas. Thanks to Wenix, the launch which is based on the new Unity graphics engine, is compatible with the Android platform as the title said. Well, this opensource remake called SanAndreasUnity is compatible with multiple platforms (across platforms) and has a new release with interesting updates. But what we will share is for Android devices.

It is undeniable that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA: San Andreas) is one of the best series of Grand Theft Auto. Not only is it recognized as one of the best series, but also includes games that have various interesting things presented in the game.The game, which was first released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, is still played by many people around the wod, so it's no wonder there is a people created a remake to overhaul GTA: San Andreas using Unity.

Although it has completed all its missions, not everyone apparently understands how the GTA San Andreas storyline is complete. This game is easy to make us biased about it because of the various missions that are run and open world systems that make us free to want to do anything including using all the GTA San Andreas Android Remake Unity - Definitive Edition. But if you are one of the big fans of this game, you should know how the GTA San Andreas storyline takes place. You won't regret it because it's a very interesting story. It all started with the betrayal of CJ's closest friends Ryder and Big Smoke. 

GTA: San Andreas is an open-world game made by Rockstar featuring a protagonist named Carl Johnson or CJ. San Andreas is one of the largest areas ever created in the franchise, even another Grand Theft Auto series is unable to beat its scale. The fictional cities of San Andreas include Los Santos (a fictionalized version of Los Angeles), San Fierro, Las Venturas (Las Vegas) in the early 1990s. San Andreas is based in San Fancisco, California.

Although it's a game that's been around for over 15 years, it's still one of the best GTAs of all time. Thanks to its addictive storyline and extensive maps, it makes the players feel at home playing for hours in front of the screen. The gameplay itself can be said to be the best in the series. And with that achievement, GTA SA Android Remake Unity (Definitive Edition) is being made. You can also use the add-on or debug menu in this game which almost identical as cheat menu. You can switch skin, spawn car, set time, and so much more.
-Ultra HD Graphics
-Improved Graphics
-Add-on (Car Spawner, Teleport, Time Setting, NPC Spawner, etc)
-Weapons & Skins
-Full San Andreas Maps
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

APK Size: 56mb
DATA Size: 578mb (Extracted: 4.67gb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.SAUnity.SAUnity" to "Storage/Android/Data/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

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