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GTA SA Android - The Definitive Edition Modpack by Rizki Aldiansyah APK

With this modpack, you will be able to experience GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition in your GTA San Andreas Mobile Android. Thanks to Rizki Aldiansyah, they able to pack this mod into GTA SA Definitive Edition Mobile. All the graphics are improved, the texture have been enhanced and much more!

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is a collection of three classic GTA titles that have been remastered. As EXP mentioned before, the three titles are GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. All gta titles are legendary after entering the 3D era. And this time, we will focused more at the GTA SA Definitive Edition Modpack Android.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the GTA series that has fond memories in the eyes of its fans, because the various activities and stories that Rockstar provides have made the GTA San Andreas series as one of the best GTA series. In addition, GTA San Andreas is also often played again by fans while waiting for the confirmation of the latest GTA series that does not come. Although this game has been 16 years old since its release in 2004, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is still one of the most memorable games in the eyes of gamers to date. Because, some missions that can upset us and also strange activities we often do when playing the game.

The protagonist in GTA San Andreas is named Carl Johnson or commonly called "CJ". He was born and raised in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos. CJ lives at home with his mother and brother, Sean "Sweet" and Brian Johnson and his younger brother Kendl. Sweet and CJ joined the "Grove Street Families" gang as children, and Sweet became the gang leader. The Grove Street Families gained power in Los Santos, although the enemies of Ballas and vagos continued to harass them.

Like other games that are also undergoing a remastered process, this trilogy will come with improvements in the visual aspect and does not rule out the possibility of gameplay. Rockstar Games release through their official website recently confirmed this. Although not a few negative responses received by GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition, some fans still get a nostalgic experience when playing this game again. Not only nostalgia, GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition which is part of the trilogy also gets some improvements, including in terms of better visuals.
-Definitive Graphic Settings
-Definitive Vegetations
-HD Grass & Dessert
-Definitive Weapons
-Definitive Radio Wheel
-HQ Pedestrian
-Full Mission & Cutscene
-Full Radio
-60 FPS Smooth
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 781mb (Extracted: 1.62gb)

Extract the file, install the suitable APK and move the extracted folder "com.rockstargames.gtasa" to "Storage/Android/Data/here..."

Note: Rename files inside "com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/..." check every folders there & change files with "RENAME" to this based on your GPU

-GPU Mali >> etc
-GPU Powervr >> pvr
-GPU Adreno >> dxt

For the example it will be like this:
-Broken City
-M Akmarullah
-Aditya Wildan
-M Yusuf
-Ezekiel, N.A.P
-And Other Modder

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See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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