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God Of War PS4 Android by JERSSON Gomez APK

God of War 4 is an action-adventure game with a focus on norse mythology buddy Vexa will know the continuation of Greek mythology. This game is a fan game made by JERSSON Gomez, so don't forget to support them too. Kratos continued journey in the story of God of War 4 Android Mobile is very interesting to follow for you lovers of the God of War game series.

Many gamers around the world say God of War is one of the timeless game franchises. You will still feel excited when playing the series even though the game itself has been the game itself. Maybe you agree with this statement. In fact, not all gamers agree. Until the third series, the game franchise made by Sony feels thick elements of repetition. The hack-and-slash format is starting to feel "out of steam". Especially with the presence of other action genre games that offer new features or systems.

In this game, Kratos is still a central figure. The story itself still adapts the fairy tales of popular gods in the world. After the success of the Greek mythology story, Kratos this time moved to Nordic mythology. He is now more mature and wise. There is no more grumpy and brutal nature. The God of War now chooses to live peacefully in the world of Midgard. There, he even had a family to have a child with a second wife he met in Midgard, Laufey. Although in this fangame of God of War (2018) Android, there will be no story yet, but the game already promising.

Tragically, his peaceful life began to be disrupted after his wife died. Kratos also inevitably had to replace raising the child, Atreus, who had been raised by his mother. The relationship between father and son is initially like the initial relationship of girls and boys who are new in relationship. Atreus knew his father's name, but did not know the origin and original characteristics of Kratos. Likewise with Kratos who feels awkward at first because all this time his life is spent just hunting.

They were both given the task of bringing Laufey's ashes to midgard's world's highest point to spread. However, the mission of spreading ash is not as random as expected. Along the way, Kratos and Atreus are constantly plagued by monsters and gods. Likewise with Kratos who must overcome the curiosity of the child.

The reason why many monsters and gods always interfere with the journey of this father and son will certainly not be explained here. However, it can be guaranteed that the entire story of God of War is not at all disappointing. The story of the relationship between Kratos and Atreus becomes the main point in this game. Their relationship continues to grow as you progress in the game. You will see the transformation of Atreus as he gets to know the father more closely. So did kratos who learned to be a good father. The strong bond between Kratos and Atreus is completely awakened in a neatly arranged story. The interaction between these two characters has an important role. The further your progress in the game, the two will interact and help each other. Everything feels natural like the true story of the relationship between you and your father.

Maybe you feel the story presented in this latest God of War is too deep for the size of god of war. However, this is what makes this game so special. Everything really feels as human as the true story of human relationships. You also don't need to play three previous series to play the game, because in this God of War PS4 Android version, you will just have to slay the enemies. So, enjoy the story while you can enjoy it!
-Leviathan Axe (Attack & Throw System)
-Shield System
-PS4 Kratos & Maps
Link Download:

Size: 53mb

Credit: JERSSON Gomez

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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