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Batman Arkham Asylum Android by JAMG Studio Mod APK

Batman Arkham Asylum is fan game made by JAMG Studio, and in this game you will fight agaisnt many gangsters and criminal in a wave modes. There are total four character you can try, and with this mod, you can use them freely without need to unlock it.

Who doesn't know Batman? Almost all DC fans and superhero movie fans must have at least heard of this Batman figure. Batman's origins begin when Bruce Wayne lost his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne was murdered by robbers before his eyes. This tragedy scares him and is traumatized, so this is what makes him to eradicate evil in Gotham City as Batman.  Batman operates in Gotham City, aided by the loyal Servant (Alfred Pennyworth) and his partner Robin.

Bruce Wayne's character is a wealthy man who is a playboy who is close to many women, generous, likes to go on a spree. But behind it all he harbored a sense of trauma and loneliness since both his parents were killed. Unlike most superheroes, Batman doesn't actually have the same superhuman abilities as Superman. But he has the intelligence, science, technology, wealth, physical strength, and will to fight evil. Batman is considered one of the greatest superhero in the world.

Batman Arkham Asylum tells the story of the capture of the Joker by Batman and taken to a place called Arkham Asylum. It is a center of facilities that accommodates high-end bad guys or arguably like the asylum of Gotham City. Batman Arkham Asylum delivers a fairly fast action combat where the fight focuses only on counters and attacks only. In addition, Batman can also land super steady combos and finisher action with slow motion that is quite indulgent to the eye.

Fast combat like this becomes a characteristic where Batman in practice must fight against a horde of enemies who confront him. Despite having no superpowers, Batman is at the peak of the human physical strength he achieved through intensive training.
-Unlocked All Characters
Link Download:

Size: 79mb

Credit: JAMG Studio

Batman Arkham Asylum Android by JAMG Studio Mod Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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