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Another World : Demo Offline APK

Another World : Demo is an action game that currently still under development, but you can already try the game in demo version. You will play as a beautiful woman in a village. You can take some quest in one of them is slay some goblin-like monster. As the starter, you will equipped with huge black sword to help you complete your missions.

Travel through other worlds, eliminate demons and gather their strength. More powerful demons will bring more powerful powers. If you familiar with the game Monster Hunter, then this game have the almost same system. Another World : Demo here also include same system on fighting monsters, collecting resources, crafting, and exploration, as well as tips for survival at the end of the game. The features mentioned above are the basis of Monster Hunter, same as while playing Another World.

Keep in mind that each hunt can be said as a boss fight, so prepare the weaponry and items you need and find information about the monsters you want to hunt. All you do is hunt the monsters and nothing else. But more or less everything is Boss Fight, all the time. The game's turnaround is like this: Kill monsters, take the material, and use that material to create new gears, then kill bigger and stronger monsters. Or you can kill the same monster, but faster because your gear has become stronger. As mentioned earlier, you can also defeat them to be able to get more material from them. The majority of the monster's strength was really hurt, so be careful! If you continue to be killed while hunting monsters, avoid such monster attacks as much as you can. Remember well the pattern of his attack and his movement and then attack when the opportunity arises.

Same as Monster Hunter, in Another World : Demo, your weapon can be too blunt if used too much. You can use whetstones in the game. Make sure you to pay attention to make sure the weapon is in top shape (use Whetstone). If the weapon is too blunt, your attack will bounce back and make you vulnerable to attacks from the monster. 

Another World is a game that focuses all its gameplay elements on a monster hunting mission. To maximize the efficiency of the gear and hunting equipment in the best conditions, you can go to Smithy and upgrade armor and weapons. Each weapon has its own unique controls, so you'll need to make sure which weapon best suits your playing style. The same is true with armor, where you can choose armor with high durability but at a low speed or vice versa.
-Ultra HD Graphics
-Task/Quest System
Link Download:

Size: 807mb

Another World : Demo Offline Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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