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Thetan Arena / Heroes Strike Offline MOBA & Battle Royale Mod Menu APK

Thetan Arena brings a breath of fresh air to the NFT world as it becomes the first blockchain game to follow the MOBA format. But little did people know that there are game that almost 100% identical to Thetan Arena which came from the same developer. The game name is Heroes Strike Offline, so while you can play Thetan Arena Offline, you can also experience to play Thetan Arena Mod (which is by playing Heroes Strike Offline).

Heroes Strike Offline or Thetan Arena is a simple MOBA game played 3 vs. 3. As the name implies, you do not need an internet connection to be able to exclamation with this one game. It is an offline MOBA game on Android and iOS released by WolfFun. Previously, they also released the same game version online. You could also probably called this game as Brawl Stars android offline version since the graphics and gameplay is almost the same.

Although the game is offline, you don't have to worry about it to be boring. This is because enemies in MOBA and Battle Royale modes are not randomly selected, but adjusted to the XP level, performance, and winning percentage of players. There are 20 heroes that you can play, each with one unique ability. You can also choose 2 more skills for them. Well, the skill can be upgraded by completing levels or challenges. But if you use mod menu for the link below, your Thetan Arena Mod or Heroes Strike Offline will be provided with GUI Menu that have some features such as unlimited money, freeze enemies, and soon.

In Heroes Strike (Thetan Arena) Offline, the player chooses one of his favorite characters to duel in a small, symmetrical arena. Players collect experience, then buy various kinds of skills to fight against opponents simultaneously two teams, 3 players against 3 players. Which team manages to beat the opponent the most when 4 minutes are up, that team wins. Although the duration of each fight only lasts for 4 minutes, you need to set the right strategy in order to defeat the opposing team in MOBA mode, or survive in Battle Royale mode and become the last player alive.

To make it easier to win, you can equip the hero character you use with cool skills and skins. The choice of both is also many, so you can choose for yourself which you think is the best combination. Heroes Strike Offline is actually exactly the same as the online version or the Thetan Arena that use blockhain NFT Cryptocurrency, equally free. But the most striking difference of course is the existence of other players who are AI only. So with this offline version, players are free to play at any time without needing an Internet connection. 
-Offline Mode
-Unlimited Gems (On/Off)
-Unlimited Coins (On/Off)
-Unlimited Battle Keys (On/Off)
-Freeze Everyone (On/Off)
-Enemies Can't Hide in Grass (On/Off)
Link Download:

Size: 101mb

Thetan Arena / Heroes Strike Offline MOBA & Battle Royale Mod Menu APK Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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