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Minecraft VS Zombies 2 Mobile - Pocket Edition APK

Minecraft VS Zombies 2 is a game which have a game mechanic from Plant VS Zombies, element from Minecraft, and some character and setting from Touhou's Project. But overall, this game fusion two of most popular game Minecraft and Plant VS Zombies, Cuerzor, succesfully developed both of the game into one game titled Minecraft VS Zombies 2.

With the mechanic from PvZ, in this game you also need to collect "sun" which is changed into Redstone. Mechanical energy (ME) is a resource to be used to place the structures, which corresponds to Sun in Plants vs. Zombies. If you don't have ME, you can't fight enemies. Additional ME can be obtained by collecting redstones or by using ME production equipment. You can have up to 9,990 ME at a time.

Contraptions are the warrior you use to attack your enemies, which is similar to Plants in Plants vs. Zombies. The specified ME must be spent to place structures. After you insert a device, you'll need to wait for a certain charging time before you can reinser insert it. The charging time is different for each device.

Starshards are powerful items, equivalent to Plant Foods in Plants vs. Zombies 2. After you defeat an enemy that emits green light, he will drop a starshard. Or you can get extra Starhards through Starhard-producing constructions. When using the starshard on a device, the device is summoned by the starshard and erupts with a force enough to change the outcome of the battle. Different constructions have different summoned abilities, and wise use of starshards can reduce the difficulty of the game.

Almanac is an in-game item that allows you to read additional information by viewing it after you unlock it. The Almanac contains the summoned power of the structures, as well as the specific data of enemies and the structures. You can also see the characters here, as well as a few miscellaneous items.

Bosses are the goals of each chapter in Adventure mode. You must defeat the boss to unlock the next chapter. Each boss has a lot of power, which is a big challenge for players. However, they can be easily fixed after finding their weaknesses.
-Contraptions (Dispenser, Furnace, Obsidian, TNT, etc)
-Enemies (Zombie, Iron Helmet Zombie, Skeleton, etc)
-Gems (Emerald, Ruby, Diamonds)
-Starshards, Almanac, Bosses
-And So Much More!!
Link Download:

Size: 63mb

Credit: Cuerzor

Minecraft VS Zombies 2 Mobile - Pocket Edition Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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