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Fight Crab + Mod Savedata APK

Fight Crab is a fighting game that presents a battle between crabs that can be customized with various weapons. Thanks to the cold hands of a Japanese indie developer named Nussoft, we seem to have to start respecting crabs as really persistent and tough animals. Especially through their game called Fight Crab. Also, we've provided the Savedata for easier gameplay!

Do you remember the video of a split crab that had gone viral until it was adapted to a video game? Yes, the kenyelenehan and the crab's virtuality apparently also managed to be revolutionized again by game developers in a more different level. Never mind using a knife, there is one developer who wants to imagine the sea hewat to be good at using rockets, chainsaws, to light saber though.

There is an interesting game from Calappa Games. Fight Crab, a fighting game that puts players into crabs equipped with a variety of weaponry that can be customized according to their wishes. The fighting mechanism is also slightly unique and different from some other mainstream fighting games. If generally the camera angle from the side where two characters can move to the right or left, Fight Crab adapts the third person game-style mechanism. 

Fight Crab has been developed by Nussoft for a year. This year, they just officially released Fight Crab on android platform. There are a total of 19 species of crabs (there are lobsters there too) and also 41 types of weapons that can be used plus multiplayer play modes up to 2 Vs 2. This number will certainly also increase as the progress of improvement updates that are ready to be lowered by the developer.

Fight Crab adapts the mechanics of the third person game style. The fight also looks so "bars" that the winner is not the one who managed to finish off the 'HP' or the enemy's blood indicator, the winner is a crab that manages to flip other crabs in any way. The mode offered is also quite mainstream, ranging from 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 both online and offline to campaigns and training to train the ability to control crabs. Stages or arenas are also diverse, ranging from the beach, kitchen, wrestling ring and many others. 
-HD Graphics
-Psycics-Powered Crab
-Variety of Crabs & Weapons
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 509mb


See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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