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DeadKind - Apocalyptic Survival (Demo Test) APK

DeadKind - Apocalyptic Survival (Demo Test) APK - Review

DeadKind is a project of survival action game which bring to us again a theme of Zombie Apocalypse. This game is yet still in a demo test that of course there still some bugs around. But believe or not, this game has potential. The graphics is awesome and promising. So if you want to support the creator, check out their youtube channel at DeadKind - Apocalypse Survival, you also might be able to get the latest update there!

Zombie-themed games are indeed one of the most widely created and played genres. Although creepy and presents tension, sometimes slaughtering these undead creatures can actually be a stress reliever. But not all zombie games can be solved easily. The zombie genre, once just a niche, has now grown into one of the popular genres and continues to prove its power to continue to survive in the video game industry. Games with the majority of zombie genres are fun and reach almost every major genre that exists such as action, strategy to RPG. But this time, DeadKind - Apocalypse Survival as the name said is Survival genre which mean you need to survive while surrounded by so many zombies.

In the game world itself the zombie theme is not an unfamiliar item anymore. Since the advent of game consoles, there have been many zombie games made by developers, ranging from Resident Evil games to Plants vs Zombies that are phenomenal. Various games are available on various platforms, such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, to Android. And one of them is DeadKind - Apocalypse Survival for your mobile devices.

In the game DeadKind - Apocalypse Survival which carries the genre of survival open world, you will be provided with stunning graphics with some features that are good enough for a demo game version. You will be able to choose to use the first-person view or the third-person view. In the game there are also weapons and bags that you can use.
-HD Graphics
-Bags & Weapons
-Health System
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 338mb

See you next time and stay tuned!
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