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Code: SAMURAI - Beta Offline APK

Code: SAMURAI is a game in which you can make your own skills by just swipe the screen into eight different directions to attack. You can create your own skills and make your enemies keep guessing what is your next move. And in natural, you will become stronger once you understand the move.

The game Code SAMURAI is very interesting, it can be said that it is very innovative, through the finger touch different positions of the mobile phone screen can use different moves, and very smooth, get rid of the traditional joystick + skill key combination, now should be just gameplay test a lot of things are not perfect, the game may consider the online to let the players fight each other, look forward to a duel with your partner!

Fighting games do have their own excitement for their fans. The reason is, you have to fight with various kinds of enemies to be able to win the game. Indeed, this game will feel more exciting if played by friends. Unfortunately, that can't be done yet, because in this version, the online mode haven't released yet.

The operating system is relatively new, and the sense of blow is good. Moves need to be familiar with the game to be played. The game is still in beta but we hope that there will more settings in terms of picture quality and the selection of moves, which can give some suggestions, otherwise it is difficult to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using this trick This game is great, the difficulty is no less than most computer games, I hope that there will be a set of practical exercises to teach later, it is very difficult to understand the article alone.

One of the interesting game themes to play is samurai games. Samurai or bushi in Japanese were medieval military nobles and early-modern Japan. Samurai are synonymous with iron suits and their main weapon is a sword. Although in this day and age you rarely or at all do not see samurai anymore. But don't worry for those of you who love it, because you can play Code: SAMURAI on Android smartphones. This samurai game is very exciting and has cool graphics.
-Beta Version
Link Download:

Size: 141mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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