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Cat Mario Android - Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD APK

Cat Mario Is a Game Similar to Mario Bros. But Has Higher Difficulties Compared to Mario Bros. Gamers know it as Syobon Action or commonly known as Cat Mario. At a glance, players will see the visuals and gameplay provided similar to the legendary Super Mario Bros. But don't take it lightly, because this game will try to annoy you in every ways possible.

Basically, playing games aims to relieve stress and as an entertainer in the midst of a dense activity. But what happens if the game itself becomes a field of annoyance of the player?
Of the many games present, there is one game that presents challenges beyond reason. Instead of providing fun, this game instead becomes a trigger for gamer anger. This game is Cat Mario Android - Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD.

Players will only be presented with very simple graphics like Super Mario Bros. There are several boxes of coins, bricks and some enemies that can be defeated just by stepping on them. The thing that makes it different and provokes emotions is the obstacles presented are completely opposite from Super Mario Bros. Even the coins we get are just a formality and don't count.

Maybe the emotion arises because as gamers, they already know the habits and some challenges that exist in Super Mario Bros. But in Cat Mario it all disappeared, they remodeled it and made it out of reason. Obstacles that shouldn't exist, they intentionally present. Because the trap in Cat Mario is very different from Super Mario Bros which is 95 percent easier. Maybe the developer wants to convey a special message so that players can practice to be a more patient and conscientious person.
-Ported to Android
-Difficult Levels
-Unlimited Attempts
Link Download:

Size: 37mb

Cat Mario Android - Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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