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Awakening Of Heroes - MOBA Offline APK

Awakening Of Heroes is a MOBA game that can be played in offline mode without any internet connection. With its dynamic experience, Awakening of Heroes gives you more play by working with fellow teams, in this case offline so tou will play with bots, this game is a strategy genre in the game you will fight in various cities.

Awakening of Heroes almost the same as the other MOBA games you might tried. You move in the arena with a virtual stick on the left side and attack with a button to the right of the screen. In addition to basic attacks, you have three different special abilities, depending on which hero you control. Like most moba games in general, this game relies on a 5v5 5vs5 combat system, in that mode you will fight with your team of 5 heroes and will fight with an enemy team of 5 heroes as well. But since this is an offline mode, of course the opponent is a computer, bot, or AI.

As part of a good MOBA, strategy is very important in every game. In a match that lasts about 10 minutes, you can't just attack without thinking, and communication between heroes in the team is very important. You have a variety of characters to choose from, although the character types remain the same, namely tanks, fighters, wizards, assassins. The thing that is different or fairly unique from this game is that there is a bomber player feature that can be used to bomb the enemy tower or base, not only that the bomber can also be used to bomb heroes as well. 

Awakening of Heroes is an entertaining MOBA with a unique artistic design. The character is not the usual medieval fantasy-style hero as in other games. There's humor in Awakening of Heroes, and it's often brought up. So as to make the gameplay of this game more exciting, the feature certainly also makes you helped to beat the opponent.

If you like MOBA games with various strategies and want to try various kinds of hero moba games this one is a recommendation, you will experience the same gameplay of popular MOBA such as Mobile Legends or Dota 2, in this game there are also various heroes and of course very exciting to play.
-Offline Mode
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Size: 193mb

Awakening Of Heroes - MOBA Offline Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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