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Animus: Revenant Mod Mega Menu APK

Animus: Revenant Mod Mega Menu APK - Review

Animus series can be said to be a pioneer of Dark Souls android nuanced games that are playable on mobile platforms. No need to be clear anymore, right, what it is the dark souls game like? Simple game genre yet  has a higher difficulty level than the usual hack n slash game. It's hard, but strangely enough, many players like and find it exciting. And now, Animus came with the new series titled Animus: Revenant which bring to you a new gameplay and new story, of course with more new difficulties! But don't afraid, with this mod menu, you will able to make the game much more easier, and you will also turn off the mod features if you still want to experience the hardcore of the Animus Revenant!

Instead of The Chosen Undead, we play as Unremembered. Instead of Souls as a currency, we use Memory. Instead of relaxing in Bonfire, you pray on the statue to save your game. This tutorial game is just the message left as in Dark Souls.

The world of this game should be bleak, NPC unstable. Even character models look like they were taken directly from Dark Souls. If you tell me that this is a legitimate Dark Souls spin-off game, I will trust you. As a gamer, I don't really care if the game follows a lot of other games, as long as it's fun. The problem is, Animus: Revenant is not. Its the definition of hardcore, it is fun for you who love challenges.

Dark Souls games are notorious for their difficulties. Animus: The Revenant is also more in a challenging direction, it is not a lie if we called game as Dark Souls android version. Some attacks, and you're going to die. If you can't touch the last point where you died before, you'll lose all your memory, like how you lost all your Souls in Dark Souls. The main difference between the title Souls and the game is the camera perspective. Animus: The Revenant places a camera over the player's character.
-Full Game
-Give 500,000 Coins
-Give 500,000 Soul
-Unlimited Energy
-Unlimited Health
-No Cooldown
-High Damage
Link Download:

Size: 1.42gb

See you next time and stay tuned!
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1. Click the red button "DOWNLOAD"
2. After Download Station (ASUKALINK) opened, you will meet with locked page.
3. Complete only one task (should take no more than 1 minutes) to unlock the download link. You can choose the task that is easy for you (survey, insert email, etc).
4. After completing the task, go back to ASUKALINK, and click the download link available. (If the page still locked, try another tasks).
There you will go into the download page!