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GTA VC Mobile - Remastered (Trilogy) by GameOnBudget APK

It doesn't feel like a few years have passed after the first game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was first released for sony Playstation 2 console. GTA VC becomes a phenomenon because of its very interesting gameplay and also presents a very wide world and free to explore. Because it's not strange if this game became the best-selling game of 2002, and also became the best-selling PlayStation 2 game title of all time in 2006. And also recently Rockstar have been released a trailer for the remastered of the series called GTA Trilogy. So in the hand of GameOnBudget, they have also made the remastered version of GTA Vice City. So we may aswell called it the same as the Remastered Trilogy.

The game is set in Vice City, a city that has a similar design to the city of Miami in the United States in 1986. You play as Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who just got out of prison after serving 15 years in prison on charges of killing 11 people. Just like the other Grand Theft Auto games, you'll be in a big city, complete with skyscrapers, vehicles, and the people who fill it. The wide scope of gameplay makes you will be more free to play this game and also provide a new gaming experience.

The controls on this mobile version of the game rely heavily on virtual controllers or virtual controls that are available directly on the touch screen of your Android device. Press your left thumb anywhere and you'll see a virtual analog button appear where you press it. Use these virtual analogues to move characters. To the right of the screen, there are two additional buttons, namely buttons for jumping and hitting. There is also a map at the top left of the screen that you can press to open the map as a whole.

In terms of story and game, nothing has really changed from the console version, except of the graphics and models. The old features are still available here. So for those of you who have played this GTA game from 10 years ago, you will not be familiar and will not feel like playing a new game. In terms of graphics, there are indeed some improvements. You'll see slightly smoother and brighter graphics, especially if your Android device has a high screen resolution. In terms of sound or audio acumen, Rockstar Games has done well. Voice acting of the characters is very good and makes the characters come to life. Coupled with music on the radio that can make you nostalgic.
-HD Graphics
-New Vehicles Added (Cars, Motorcycles, Helicopter, etc)
-Car Racing Added
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 167mb

Credit: GameOnBudget

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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