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GTA San Andreas Mobile - Remastered (Trilogy) by GameOnBudget APK

GTA San Andreas Mobile - Remastered (Trilogy) by GameOnBudget APK - Review

Talking about the Game Grand Theft Auto a.k.a GTA among gamers certainly can not be separated from one of the most iconic series, namely San Andreas. The seventh series of the GTA franchise is certainly still the most popular series that is still widely played by gamers here even though it was released 15 years ago. As a testament to the success of the Playstation 2 era, currently Rockstar announce its remaster Trilogy which also include GTA San Andreas. Thanks to GameOnBudget, we able to experience the remaster version for the mobile. 

One of the most predictable reasons why GTA San Andreas is selling well in Indonesia is certainly not far from the needs of pc specifications or a lightweight laptop. So that more gamers can easily play this game on a PC or laptop with their mediocre specs and can already enjoy cj adventure and feel one of the best open-world experiences that Rockstar has to offer. While those who have a PC or laptop with "qualified" specifications can still improve the built-in graphics of GTA San Andreas to be more eye-watering through graphics remastered.

For the open world game released in 2004, GTA San Andreas is arguably one that has a variety of interesting features that can be enjoyed. Starting from the costume of characters that are calculated details ranging from clothes, haircuts, to body shapes from CJ. Not to mention you can modify the car you have, buy property in various parts of the city, do various other activities such as playing basketball, participating in races, to become a police officer.

GTA San Andreas also supports a co-op feature where you can play with your friends to explore or just create chaos in the city. Not to mention San Andreas has a variety of silly cheats that can be accessed easily through joysticks or keyboards such as flying cars, cars on the water, super punches, can't die, jetpacks, and many other silly cheats.
-Graphics Improved
-HD Graphics
-Cars & Bike
-Race Added
-New Animation
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 118mb

Credit: GameOnBudget

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