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GTA NYC Mobile - III Remastered (Trilogy) by Momo Devs APK

Grand Theft Auto III, released in 2001, was a huge success. A variety of positive responses from many media and fantastic sales figures graced its release 10 years ago. It not only evolved into a profit-making series for Rockstar, but also grew into a new standard for the same genre games that were born thereafter. Thanks to Momo Devs, they able to remastered the game and come with their own title which is GTA NYC, we guess its stand for GTA New York City, but with maps of Liberty City from GTA III, then we may able to call this as remastered Trilogy. GTA III should be recognized as the inspiration for many open-world games that grew after. The vast and detailed three-dimensional world and freedom to do many things are the main selling points of a sandbox game today.

All gta series that had been born in the gaming industry are special games that are a pity to miss. But among the four series that have been released, GTA III can be considered as the most special. Why? Because it appears as the first series that is the direction of the next development of gta modern. The power of the Playstation 2 console at that time made Rockstar have a greater probability of presenting a more epic GTA. Unlike the previous series that comes with an overhead camera, GTA III comes across as an open-world game built entirely in a three-dimensional model. The achievements of that time were admirable.

Time feels so fleeting. It feels like just a few months ago Grand Theft Auto III was first introduced by Rockstar to the world. But who would have thought that this game turned out to be a decade old, its been a few years since its original release date. To celebrate the anniversary of this phenomenal game, Rockstar decided to re-release GTA III without bringing any changes. 

Commemorating the decade anniversary of an extraordinarily successful game in the past is indeed a smart decision. Concepts like this will offer an opportunity for veteran gamers to reminisce a little or for new gamers to feel the thrill of GTA III within their grasp. Rockstar's commitment to present a GTA game with a format that is for an iOS and Android device must also be thumbed up two thumbs up. It would be a revolutionary first step to trigger other mobile game developers to dabble in the same container.

Despite these shortcomings, the Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary Edition deserves two thumbs up. Rockstar's commitment to delivering the same GTA III sensation is truly realized for real. This decade's 1st anniversary version is completely limited even if it comes to mobile. The same details of the city, radio stations with epic songs, similar freedoms, to visualizations that resemble the original version. Only one that I personally recommend, do not try it with a mobile phone device because the resulting experience will not be maximal.
-HD Graphics
-Liberty City Maps
-Cars & Traffic System
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 267mb

Credit: Momo Devs

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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