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GTA 5 Android Full Map Beta by GameOnBudget APK

You have tried all of the fanmade GTA V Mobile but all of them are not even full map? Then you should try this fanmade version made by GameOnBudget, because in this version, you would be able to experience full map of GTA V game. Also, unlike the other mainstream fanmade, this fangame had NPC and Cars roaming around the city! You gotta try it out!

Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise that brings gamers to the role of the three main characters. The three are not directly related at the beginning of the story, and slowly players will realize that they have something in common. If you've ever played a GTA IV expansion, you'll have a similar gaming experience.

However, that similar taste was really only a short time. When starting in action in Los Santos, the game city of this game, players canarasakan a city with residents who have AI is quite good. This can be seen when the interaction between figurant characters encountered along the way, as well as when the main character interacts.

The city of Los Santos apparently holds many interesting places to visit, both within the city and the mountainous and coastal areas. The concept of open-world embedded is indeed an advantage of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar has maximized all the potential of an open-world game.

The characterization of each of the main characters of Grand Theft Auto V is quite precise. Because, in addition to having their own stories, the character and style of speaking that they have does look very different and distinctive. For example, Franklin with a style of speech that can not be separated from the use of the words homie and nigga, including the surrounding environment with the same race.
-NPC & AI Car'z
-Franklin Bike
-Bullet GT (New Car Added)
-Carbonizzare & Hurracan (2New Cars Added)
-Car Enter/Exit With Animations
-Franklin Car
-Franklin With (Character Customization)
-Phone (Functions will be added soon)
-Pause Menu Similar To PC version
-3/10 Los Santos Map (High Poly)
-Full Map (Low Poly ! Optimized For Low Devices)
Link Download:

Size: 451mb

Credit: GameOnBudget

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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