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Fate/EXTELLA LINK is basically has a very different story universe to Fate/Stay Night, because it boils down directly from the world in the Fate/Extra series. This game tells the story of the existence of a Master in a virtual world called SE. RA. PH. It is a world created on the moon, you as well as the master (can be male or female) with the default name Hakuno Kishinami feels an obligation to have to maintain wholeness or peace in a world full of all forms of computerization.

Still maintaining a Musou-style gameplay concept similar to its predecessor, you will now play the role of the new Charlemagne the Saber. Sixteen Servant characters in The Umbral Star series will return to the game coupled with 10 new characters who are legendary heroes from other FATE series such as Astolfo, Scathach and Francis Drake. Carrying high-speed gameplay action, Marvelous ensures that there are some significant improvements compared to the previous series.

The mod is all the characters / servants of this game are already open, all with their costumes. It's cool that there is no progress in the game. Like the status of characters that are still level 1 and areas in free battle that are all still locked. It can be said if this mod that does not interfere with the experience / preoccupation of the player playing the gameplay. Wow! New game with charming gameplay and graphics. That's it, it's light again. It seems to be a mandatory game that must be installed on our Android phone. Either played as the main game, or just a game of intercession that is played occasionally. 

This game has an amazing gameplay. Where there are many enemies that we have to slaughter, as well as areas that we have to seize from the enemy. Can you imagine how cool Dynasty Warrior is with a Fate series character in it? Really cool guys! Know how the characters look like!? Heroes from different eras meet each other to fight. Moves with charming visuals. Well, this game is able to present battle visuals as cool as from the series. With the ultimate attack of each character. With astonishing graphics yet easy to understand control, you guys should try it by yourself!
Link Download:

APK Size: 9mb
DATA Size: 2.31gb (Extracted: 2.36gb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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