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Attack On Titan Tribute Game - Deadpool & Thanos Mod by frost APK

This is a mod which will make the character in Attack On Titan Tribute Game become Deadpool and Thanos from Marvel Universe. So if you a fans of Attack On Titan (Or Shingeki No Kyojin) and at the same time fans of Marvel Characters such as Deadpool & Thanos, then you must try this mod! You will play as Deadpool exterminate many of gigantic Thanos!

Attack On Titan tells the story of humanity that was slaughtered centuries ago until it was almost extinct by a monstrous human-like creature called Titan. This forces man to hide and dwell in fear behind a very high and large concentric wall. And this is the Tribute Game for the Shingeki No Kyojin.

While Deadpool itself is a character from MCU or Marvel. If asked what makes Deadpool so annoying for his allies as well as his enemies is that besides he is very difficult to defeat and get rid of, Deadpool is also very difficult to kill. This is thanks to the healing factor that is on him, where Wade Wilson can recover from any wound in a short time. In fact, after he split in two though. Although many consider Deadpool to be part of a mutant, he is not a mutant. His superpowers come from a trial result of the Weapon X program, the same program that gave Wolverine an adamantium body and healing factor. The difference is that before Wolverine became the subject of the trial, he was already a mutant. Deadpool is just an ordinary guy who has cancer.

Thanos is also came from the MCU. Thanos the Mad Titan originated from Titan, one of saturn's moons that is home to the Titanians. His mother, Sui-San, is the last descendant of a superhuman race named Eternal. His father, A'Lars, is the ancestor of the second generation Eternal. Thanos also has a younger brother named Eros aka Starfox, who is famous for being a playboy. At birth, Thanos had deviant syndrome. This syndrome is what causes its physical appearance to be very different. Thanos has textured gray skin resembling an animal and a large body shape. This different condition makes him grow into a somber person and has his own obsession with the concept of death.

Attack On Titan, Deadpool & Thanos, well this Tribute Game is surely have weird combination. But since its mod, nothing makes sense! Go download and try this modded AOT TG!
-Deadpool Character
-Thanos Titan
Link Download:

Size: 69mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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