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Bloody Bastards Offline Mod APK

Bloody Bastards Offline Mod APK - Review

Bloody Bastards is a fighting game which set in the middle ages (Medieval) and we control a character called Smeg Pisdarion, this display graphic is actually quite ordinary but this mobage graphic seems to be a characteristic and over time becomes pleasant to look at as well as medieval continents.

What's interesting about this game is that it only provides forward and backward buttons but to defend and attack relying on the finger cursor to move the attack and character defense.

At each stage we have to fight 1 vs. 1 our opponents use weapons & shields, and at every stage we can do any attack that can cause many sharp weapon wounds all over the body area to be able to sever the opponent's arms and legs and if lucky can behead the opponent until it breaks !!! This fighting game is really brutal with its distinctive graphics and medieval look. Mobage is very fun because of the sensation when we succeed in slashing the opponent and managed to break off the opponent's body parts, but this mobage also becomes annoying because the control of attacks & character defense becomes difficult because of the absence of attack buttons & defenses.

Through the money collected at each stage that is successfully passed, the money can be spent on strengthening the character by buying weapons, shields, helmets &clothes because every item purchased can add points of attack and character defense.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 10mb

Bloody Bastards Offline Mod APK Gameplay

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