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Urban Legends - Survival Mod APK

Urban Legends - Survival Mod APK - Review

Urban Legends - Survival is a difficult horror game. The way this game works is similar to the games popularized by the incredible horror survival game: 'Dead by Daylight'. In controlling ordinary villagers trapped in a nightmarish world, your mission is to try to escape from the spooky Asian folklore demons that are trying to kill you.

Urban Legends - Survival control system is very simple. You can control your movements with a joystick to the left of the interface. Your hero's speed depends on how much you tilt the joystick. But, also learn exactly which situations are suitable to maintain a slow and careful pace, and when to run as fast as possible.

The only way to escape the excitement of Urban Legends - Survival is to light a torch that is distributed throughout a long, winding level. How to light an ordinary torch. You simply stand on the activation plate even though the three wrathful demons will try everything possible to thwart you.

In Urban Legends - Survival, the number of torches you successfully light before being caught will give you an additional score. Thanks to its extensive leaderboard, you can compare your best scores with the scores of friends and players from around the world.
-Unlocked (Click "Restore Purchases")
Link Download:

APK Size: 53mb
OBB Size: 53mb

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.StupaX.SURVIVE" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

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1. Click the red button "DOWNLOAD"
2. After Download Station (ASUKALINK) opened, choose and click the link then open it.
3. Press the button "CLICK 2X TO CONTINUE" that appear.
5. If there an Ads appear, just close it (or by press back).
6. Wait 15 seconds for the generating link.
7. Click the "GET LINK"
8. There you will go into the download page!