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Resident Evil Zero 0 Mobile Side-Scrolling Fan Game APK

Resident Evil Zero 0 Mobile Side-Scrolling Fan Game APK - Review

This is a fanmade game of Resident Evil 0 (Resident Evil Zero). In this game, you will play in side-scrolling screen gameplay, which your mission is to survive the virus outbreak while figuring the puzzle.

Same as the original game, in this fangame you will play two characters, namely Rebecca Chambers the member of S.T.A.R.S. and Billy Coen the fugitive man. Rebecca and Billy have a variety of different skills, and must work together to survive among the zombies. This system makes Resident Evil 0 has varied elements of strategy and exploration.

Resident Evil 0 takes place in 1998, before the first Resident Evil. You'll investigate a strange case on an umbrella corporation express train, and unravel the mystery of the causes of the events in the first Resident Evil. Knowing the forerunners of this story will certainly be interesting for the heavy fans of Resident Evil.
-3 Chapters
-Boss Fight
-Switch Player System
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 438mb

Gameplay Walkthrough:

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