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Dark Raider Mod APK

Dark Raider is an amazing dark-themed action RPG pixel game. By presenting a pixel-style hardcore action that attacks hundreds of dungeons in a magical medieval world. Conquer enemies and defeat powerful bosses to save the world from confusion. The difficulty of this game make it that the game feels Dark Souls android but in 2D pixel looking. And this time we will share with you Dark Raid mod apk, but in this mod, you will need to grind a bit first before you can upgrade easily & unlimited.

Dark Raider Mobile uses a random map mechanism that never repeats. Where in the game the player must constantly explore unknown areas and defeat the enemies that are in the area. So that each player will get a different game experience. 

One word for this game. Difficult. But if we install the mod apk and upgrade the position of the main character to the maximum. In fact, it's really exciting. Personally it's addictive to keep playing it. Although the graphics are pixelated, the visuals of all the characters appear proportional and pleasing to the eye.

This game feels is like a Dark Soul game according to the difficulty, although not the that extreme. The enemy is tough and the victory is determined by the skill of the player who plays it. The game's control scheme makes it fun. Like we can do parry by working on the block at the right time. A technique to work on counter attacks and reverse enemy attacks that attack remotely. Techniques are difficult to do, but not impossible. It could be because the player who plays it well really "good" or because we've gotten used to it.

The controls are no challenges, they're all pretty comfortable. But it would be nice if we use a game-pad. And as I wrote above. Pake mod actually makes the gameplay of this game more fun. Mod money where we can upgrade the position of our character. Makes his blood bar longer and his attacks increase. Althought its already modded, this Dark Souls android clone (Dark Raider) is still will giving you trouble. But the game can't even be slashed. There are times when you have to defend, avoid attacks, or even work on parry if you can. Like hack n slash games are common. Who likes this kind of genre, let's download it. One of the games we recommended.
-Money Doubled When Used
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 119mb

Dark Raider Mod Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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